How to Print Webpage without Ads in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

I normally use reader mode on Safari browser on my iPhone and iPad when I have to read long articles. And if I find the content interesting, I prefer to print webpage without ads in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Following this method, you can get rid of all those disturbing unnecessary images and other things like social sharing buttons, widgets and other razzmatazz that keeps your webpage cluttered. So you can easily print your webpage in Safari on your iPhone or iPad; simply keep the text and photos that you want to retain while printing the page.

How to Print Webpage Without Ads in Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac

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How to Print Entire Webpage Without Ads in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Make sure that you have installed the best laser printer or best AirPrint Printers to get brilliant print.

Note that the method works on your iPhone and iPad in the same way; just select a webpage you want to print without ads on your iPhone or iPad and follow the steps. For example, you can take print of this article itself.

Step #1: Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and open the website or a particular URL. You can print this very piece you are reading.

Step #2: Now tap on Reader Mode button from the top left side; this option is available in the URL bar itself – check those three big horizontal bars with one small bar.

This enables reader mode on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on the Share button seen at the bottom menu. This button normally hides itself but when you scroll up, it appears. The button looks like a square box from which an arrow jets out.

Step #4: Two rows of options will appear from the bottom; you need to choose Print option from the lower row.

Choose Print on iPhone and iPad

You will be landed on Printer Options, where you need to Select Printer, Copy (number of prints you want to take), and Range.

Range option allows you to choose page you want to print. Suppose, there is more than one page you want to print, then you can select which number of page you wish to print.

Similarly, you can print webpage without ads and unnecessary images in Safari on your Mac.

How to Print Articles Without Ads in Safari on Mac

Keep your Mac printer near your laptop and go ahead.

Step #1: Open a webpage in Safari browser on your Mac; you can print the current webpage you have opened.

Step #2: Now click on Reader mode; the icon is same as you have seen on your iPhone or iPad above.

Click on Reader Mode in Safari on Mac

Step #3: This will remove all the ads and styling from the webpage; when your Safari shows reader mode, click on File menu and then select Print from the drop-down list. (You can also directly use Mac Keyboard shortcuts to print)

Click on File Menu and Choose Print in Safari on Mac

Step #4: Select the Printer and adjust necessary settings like copies, black and white, two-sided, pages etc. And then click on Print button from bottom right corner.

Take the print!

Apple has improved Safari app in a great way. You can do more than printing web pages without ads. Check what you can do with the improved Safari browser:

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