Your Android phone is your mobile computer; you can do anything and everything with your Android phone. Since the modern usage of digital devices has not overpowered the value of physical documents, people still have to print from Android phone.

You carry a lot of documents in your smartphone, and you may have to take print of those documents anywhere. Hence, there arises a need to print from Android tablet or smartphone.

We keep sending and receiving info like mail, photos, videos via various channels; but some physical documents can be inevitable. Here is a trick to print from phone.

The simple method is to  add your printer to Google Cloud Print. This will allow you to access that printer from anywhere you are; while you are configuring your printer to cloud print, make sure that you are using a computer that is connected with the same Wi-fi network as your printer.

How to Print from Android Phone

How to Print from Android Phone Using Google Cloud Print

How to Connect Printer with Google Cloud Print

Pre-certified older printer wouldn’t work with Google Cloud Print; though you can use the printer with a trick. Check out this link for more information.

Step #1: Launch Settings in Chrome

Step #2: Click on Show Advanced Settings.

Step #3: Click on Google Cloud Print.

Step #4: Now click on Manage.

Step #5: Under the ‘Classic printers’ option, you will see ‘Add printers’ button. Click on this button.

Step #6: Enter your Google log in id and password to connect.

Step #7: You are now on the page of ‘Printers to register’. Select any printer to add. Finally, click on the  Add printer(s) button.

Now the printer will be available from anywhere.

How to Print Documents from Android

Once your printer is added in Google account you select any document from your Android phone or tablet and start printing.

Step #1: Open any file or Photo you want to print on your Android phone or tablet.

Step #2: Tap on three vertical dots.

Step #3: From the option, tap on Save as PDF.

You can see a list of printers; select any one printer.

Step #4: Tap on Print icon.

Your connected printer will start printing the document.

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