How to Record Without Background Noise on Android?

Do you depend on your Android device when recording? Then you must have experienced the neighborly noise seeping into your beautifully crafted voice work.

It is pretty annoying, and the thought of redoing it just because the next-door drilling could not keep it down is frustrating. If you have kids crying or playing in the background, it also ruins the perfect recording.

What do you do when that happens? Of course, the shot of a lifetime cannot recur because the moment has passed. However, you sure can reduce the background sound.

First, let us see when you need noise-free recording before learning how to record without background noise android, so you do not have to repeat the take and tire your voice.


Reasons to Record Without Background Noise on Android

reasons to record without background noise on android


The straightforward answer anyone can provide is that noise is a nuisance. Unless you record something that requires background sound, as you see in the movies, it is utterly useless.

If you are a YouTuber, noise around you can be the biggest reason you might lose viewers. On the other hand, you cannot even tell the surroundings to stop the natural accordance of behavior either.

Another example includes a journalist in various environments. There is no guarantee that the interview will be in a big soundproof conference room. Sometimes you have to visit industrial areas to catch a meeting.

There is plenty of noise to ruin a wonderfully taken outdoor video shoot. The problem here is that there is no guarantee the shooting weather tomorrow will remain same as today.

This is why noise-canceling apps are seen as the knights that make you go beyond impossible.


Best Apps That Records Without Background Noise on Android: Audio

Dolby On

dolby on app

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The Dolby On app is, by far, the most powerful tool anybody could as for. No matter what you plan to record, it will do so without background noise.

Do you know those now-or-never moments where you must record it, or else the opportunity slips away? Yes, there are thousands of noises from every direction, but you just have to take the chance.

Use Dolby On in such circumstances, and you will attain both noise reduction and excellent audio/video record of your favorite gig/rehearsal, etc., effortlessly.

You can say goodbye to that terrible interrupting noise that the Android device microphone always picks ups. This app is the future of voice and music memos — give it a try!


Easy Voice Recorder

easy voice recorder app

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There are two versions of the app – free and pro. Of course, we will talk about the free Easy Voice Recorder. The recent surge in online classes has made it possible to record the lectures as you discreetly doze off.

While it may not be a great idea, you can easily catch up with the notes later in the day. Plus, physical classes have that humming noise everywhere. This app will eliminate it.

The easy user interface allows it to be utilized for business meetings, interviews, and record rehearsals as well. It even supports Android Wear, letting you record via your smartwatch. Is that not pretty cool?


Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder


This voice recording app also comes in a free and premium version. It is loaded with various customizing features to ensure your recorded file remains noise-free.

You can record group discussions, personal voice notes, band practice, lectures, concerts, and more. In short, the moment you have the urge to record something, launch this app.

Despite using a sensitive microphone with your android device, the app will cancel the noise as per your instruction.


Samsung Voice Recorder

Samsung Voice Recorder


The perk of owning the recent Samsung smartphones is its recording app. It is basic but delivers an incredible experience with low-noise recorded files.

Another feature that has prompted this app to be in the top five is its voice-to-text feature. You will not have to type additionally after recording an interview.

The Voice Memo Mode will take care of your records by converting them to on-screen text.

Furthermore, it is a superb tool for interviewing since the phone will have two microphones on either side. Therefore, no more compromising on the waveform.



otter app to record without background noise on android


We are not talking about the adorable mammal. This is about the note recording app that many students and journalists favor.

It is also a valuable tool for business people trying to record the highlights. What else do you get from Otter? Simply let the app run and record the real-time conversations as you focus more on the interaction.

You can edit and organize the files later and share them right from the smartphone.


Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder


The super-easy Voice Recorder with simple UI will give you an abundance of options with recording. While the app records anything with high quality, it does not forget to reduce background noise.

You can let it run even when the display is closed. The app is an amazing yet simple recording tool that recalibrates the microphone when needed.



snipback app to record without background noise on android

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The method of recording interface is slightly different in SnipBack. We would recommend it to the people who wish to record the highlights only.

Based on this context, it works as Listening mode until you tap Retrieve Audio. Then, the app will collect the last seconds of the audio without saving the unnecessary noises.

Some might find it a little confusing. However, it can save a lot of space by catching only the essentials in high resolution and removing the rest in the memos.

It is a great app for recording conversations. However, make sure to get consent from the other person to avoid infringement of any law.



These are the Android apps that will assist you in achieving the best noise-free records that you may even add to video files later.

You will no longer have to squint past the various rackets to figure out what the key voice is talking about. Whether it is for educational, business, or YouTube video purposes, they will work great anywhere.

Thanks for staying till the end of this how to record without background noise on the Android guide. We hope you find it useful.

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