Given the importance of Facebook and other chat apps, it is quite reasonable that communication takes place on Facebook is equally important. Before the advent of Facebook Messenger, users were chatting on Facebook, and therefore, there must be a large trail of chats you have left there. By now, you might have lost those messages; and if you want to recover deleted Facebook messages on Android and iPhone, you should continue reading this information.

After the launch of Facebook Messenger, people have appreciated its awesome features like sending and receiving money in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android and send text messages from Facebook Messenger.

But Messenger app doesn’t allow you to retrieve permanently deleted Facebook messages. No worries; this information will tell you how you can get back your lost Facebook messages.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on iPhone and Android

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on iPhone and Android

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on iPhone

Since Facebook works on the code of ‘off the internet’ (this means the social media platform stores all your message history somewhere in your phone’s memory), you can recover your messages you have exchanged on Facebook.

Step #1: First off, download dr.fone toolkit – iPhone Data Recovery software on your computer.

Step #2: Launch this dr.fone toolkit on your computer and then click on ‘Recover from iOS Device’.

Step #3: Click on the check box before ‘Messenger & Attachments’ under ‘Deleted Data from the Device’.

Step #4: Now click on ‘Start Scan’ button from the bottom right corner.

Click on Messenger & Attachments and Start Scanning

Note that your iPhone’s screen may go blank during the procedure; but it is normal, hence, you don’t need to worry about this.

Once the scanning is completed, you can choose Facebook Messages you need to recover from the list of deleted messages.

Step #5: Click on Messenger.

Click on Messenger and Click on Restore button

Step #6: Search for the messages you want to recover and click on the check box to select them.

Step #7: Next, click on ‘Recover to Device’.

It is done! The procedure is quite easy; in fact it is easier than recovering Deleted Files, Contacts, Calendars and Photos From iCloud and recovering deleted photos from iPhone and iPad. Facebook messages are your sweet memories, and therefore, you should recover those sweet exchanges you have done with your friends and special ones.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Android

Step #1: In the beginning, you need to download ES File Explorer File Manager on Google Play Store on Android device.

Install ES File Explorer File Manager

Step #2: After successful installation of ES File Explorer, open the app on your Android and head to ‘Storage/SD card’ option.

Open ES File Explorer File Manager

Step #3: Tap Android folder which has all the data.

Tap on Android

Step #4: Next, you need to tap data folder.

Tap on Data Option

Step #5: You will be landed on a page, where can see a lot of folders, which are connected with Android apps you are using on the device. You don’t need to explore all folders, just find and open ‘com.facebook.orca’ folder; this one is for Facebook Messenger messages.

Tap on com.facebook.orca

Step #6: After opening above folder, tap on tap cache folder.

Tap on Cache Folder

Step #7: Now tap ‘fb_temp’ folder.

Tap on Fb_temp folder

In this folder, you will find all those Facebook Messenger messages you have deleted long back.

You can do this procedure by connecting your Android device with your computer via Micro USB cable. In case you opt for this second procedure, you can also recover deleted photos on Android.

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So here it is! On both devices, you can easily recover deleted Facebook messages on Android and iPhone. If you experience any technical trouble, share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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