To recover deleted photos on Android phone has always been an easy task, if you have synced your Google account and have explored Google Photos. This mail client provides 15GB of space to each email; this means you can upload as many photos as possible. For a click-happy Android user, this is no less than a blessing. If you love to capture photos on your Android smartphone, you must think of storage of those beautiful memories.

Not all users sync their data to Google services, and therefore, they may have to lose photos and videos. A software glitch can wipe out your data, including your photos. To prevent such mishaps, either you need to backup Android phone to Google Drive or you should follow this information that tells you how you can recover deleted photos on Android phone.

How to Retrieve or Lost Deleted Photos on Android Phone

Before you go ahead, note that the method works only on Android phones. Moreover, it may not work in the event of other data loss like text messages, for which you may need to download FoneLab Android data recovery software and then you will be able to recover deleted text messages from Android smartphone.

Step #1: Download FonePaw Android data recovery software on your Android phone.

Step #2: Open the software and register.

Step #3: Now connect your Android smartphone with computer by using USB cable.

Here, you should enable USB debugging on your phone. Quickly follow the steps mentioned below to enable USB debugging:

Step #1: Launch Settings on your Android phone.

Step #2: Tap on About phone option.

Step #3: Tap Build number in quick succession for seven times.

You will see a message: Congratulations, you’re not a developer.

Step #4: Now go back to phone’s Settings menu and you will find Developer options at the bottom. Tap on this option.

Step #5: Here, you will find USB debugging mode option; enable this option.

Step #4: Once the connection between your phone and software is established, you will see a few options to choose categories like Contact, Messages etc.

You can choose multiple categories to recover data; since we need to recover deleted photos from Android device, we will choose only Gallery.

Step #5: FonePaw will ask you to scan deleted files or all files. You need to select Deleted files. Please accept RSA key prompt on your Android phone.

Step #6: FonePaw will analyse your Android smartphone and reboot it.

Step #7: After thorough analysis, you can see scanned results. Now check the box for Photos and click on Recover from the bottom left corner of phone.

Now the software will start recovering all deleted photos from Android phone.

You are done! Enjoy watching your deleted photos.

Note that free version of this software will give you limited access of data recovery. If you are really serious about your data, you can go for paid version of FonePaw.

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