Activation Lock on your Apple Watch is a feature that disables any stranger from lifting your physical device and virtual data inside the watch. Normally, when you register your device in Find My iPhone, the activation lock gets active on your Apple watch. It is a security feature resides in the Find My iPhone section and you can control it remotely as well. If your Apple Watch is running on watchOS 2 or later, you can enable and disable activation lock on the watch. However, when you want to sell your watch or give it to your family member, you need to turn off this activation lock on your watch so that the new owner doesn’t have to bypass activation lock on Apple Watch. So here is how to remove Activation Lock on Apple Watch.

When you disable Apple Watch Activation Lock, the new user will be able to use your watch as s/he doesn’t require your Apple ID and password; with the activation lock disabled on Apple Watch, the new owner can unpair your Apple Watch from iPhone, pair and use your watch with new iPhone, or turn off Find My iPhone on your smart device.

Activation Lock on Apple Watch ensures the safety of your device. Even though your Apple watch is stolen or lost accidentally, you are rest assured about the data, which is perhaps more important than the physical device. If there is no hope of recovering your watch, you can erase your Apple Watch remotely and still prevent the culprit from using your watch. Make sure that Find My iPhone is enabled on your device.

How to Disable Activation Lock on Apple Watch Series 3, Series 2 and Series 1

How to Remove Activation Lock on Apple Watch Series 3, Series 2 and Series 1

When you turn on Apple Watch activation lock, thieves cannot bypass Apple Watch passcode even as wrist detection is disabled on the watch. Before you jump to disable activation lock, you can if the activation lock is enabled on your watch.

Is my Apple Watch enabled with Activation Lock?

Activation lock is automatically turned on when you set up your device, which should be running watchOS 2 or later. You can use the Watch app on your paired iPhone or to check the status of activation lock.

Step #1: Launch Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Tap on Watch App

Step #2: Now tap on My Watch tab from the bottom menu.

Tap on My watch tab in watch app on iPhone

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on your Apple Watch icon from the top.

Tap on your Name in Watch App on iPhone

Step #4: Then tap on information button (i).

Tap on information icon

Step #5: Tap on Find My Apple Watch.

Tap on Find My Apple Watch to check activation lock status

Step #6: You may be asked to enter your Apple ID password here.

If your Apple Watch is seen in the Find My iPhone app, activation lock is on.

How to Check Apple Watch Activation Lock Status from iCloud

If you don’t have your iPhone nearby, you can go to and check activation lock Status.

Step #1: Open on your web browser.

Step #2: Sign in with your Apple ID and password. If you have set up two-factor authentication, you will be prompted to enter six-digit authentication code (you will receive this code on your iPhone, hence, you need to keep your iPhone handy anyway).

Step #3: Enter the Apple ID password.

Step #4: Click on Find My iPhone.

Click on Find My iPhone in

Step #5: Click on All Devices and Check if your Apple Watch is seen in the list; if yes, your watch has activation lock enabled.

Find Apple Watch icloud Activation Lock Status

How to Turn on Activation Lock on Apple Watch

In case your Apple Watch is not listed in the Find My iPhone list, your watch maybe running watchOS 1 or you are not signed into iCloud.

You can add Apple ID to your Apple Watch by following a few simple steps.

Step #1: On your iPhone, open the Watch app.

Tap on Watch App

Step #2: If you do not land on My Watch tab, tap on it.

Tap on My watch tab in watch app on iPhone

Step #3: Now tap on General.

Tap on General in Watch App on iPhone

Step #4: Next, you need to tap on Apple ID.

Tap on Apple ID and Sign In in Watch App on iPhone

Step #5: Finally, sign in with Apple ID.

How to Disable Apple Watch Activation Lock

You have to turn off activation lock in case you are selling your Apple Watch to somebody or just gifting it to your family member.

Turn Off Apple Watch Activation lock from iPhone

Simply unpair your Apple Watch form the connected iPhone and your Apple Watch activation lock will be disabled. There are two methods explained in our tutorial on how to unpair Apple Watch and iPhone.

Remove Activation lock Remotely without iPhone or Apple Watch.

If you have no access to your Apple Watch or iPhone currently, you can disable activation lock remotely from

Step #1: Open on your web browser.

Step #2: Log in with your Apple ID and password.

Step #3: Next, click on Settings from the launchpad.

Click on Settings in

Step #4: Under My Devices, click on Apple Watch.

Click on Apple Watch in Settings

Step #5: Now, you need to click on ‘x’ next to your Apple Watch.

A pop-up will ask you to confirm your action; click on Remove and the activation lock will be removed from Apple Watch. Note that this will disable Apple Pay and remove your cards also.

Finally, tap on Done button to come back to the Settings screen on your iCloud.

Remove Activation Lock from Apple Watch

If not essential, you should not remove activation lock on your Apple Watch. It is a strong security wall that prevents anybody from using your watch data.

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