How to Remove Music From Apple Watch

Apple Watch offers you only 2GB space to accommodate all your data like pictures, music, apps and other. Since it is your fitness partner, you like to keep your watch with you always. And you must have synced music to your Apple Watch so that you can listen to your favourite songs during workout sessions.

Music occupies a lot of space on your watch, and hence, you need to remove music from Apple Watch; all you need to do is to create some space by removing unnecessary playlist from your smartwatch.

Here, users are left with no option like free up space in iOS 10; moreover, you cannot use flash drives for iPhone or iPad to fix storage issue.

In this situation, you have got only one option and that is to remove music from Apple Watch.

How to Remove Music From Apple Watch

Step #1: First off, put your Apple Watch into charging; without this step, you won’t be able to sync the watch with your iPhone.

Step #2: Next, open Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #3: Now you need to tap on My Watch from the bottom. Then tap on Music.

Step #4: You should now tap on Synced Playlist.

Step #5: Your Apple Watch will show all the playlists you have synced on your watch. The playlist, which is synced will flash a tick mark and a label ‘Synced’.

Step #6: Go down by scrolling and tap on None.

It is done. The playlist, which has been synced by you earlier, is now removed from your Apple Watch. This will create some more space on your smart watch. We like to remind you that keep your Apple Watch in charging during this procedure.

Apple Watch was never meant to listen to music; however, it is predominantly used as fitness tracker. Since it is difficult to carry both iPhone and Apple Watch during exercise, people prefer to keep Apple Watch with them. And syncing songs on Apple Watch is quite understandable. At the same time, listening to songs without headphones doesn’t give you a kick. This is why people want to enjoy music from Apple Watch with Bluetooth headphones for Apple Watch.

Hope this information helps you remove music from Apple Watch. You can now make some space by removing unnecessary playlist from Apple Watch.

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