Removing ‘Other’ Data from your iPhone or iPad is a good habit and creates your personality as a pro-iPhone user. For common users, Other Data can be as mysterious as ‘other man’ or ‘other woman’ in the life of their spouse (just kidding, don’t take it to heart).

Apart from mystery, Other Data can spoil your iPhone experience as such data occupies space if you are using 32 GB or 64 GB iPhone. Before you get rid of ‘Other Data’ you should know what it is and how it can ruin your smartphone experience.

For an ordinary iPhone user, Data means what they can see; for example, videos, pictures, song files, documents etc. But your iPhone stores many other things in the back while you are using stock and downloaded apps. It means, Messages, Calendar, Mail, Maps and other apps create cache files in the background and thus, they pile up ‘Other’ Data. To put it in nutshell, data, excluding media, belongs to this ‘Other Data’.

In a day, you send and receive many messages, pictures, videos and documents via Messages app, WhatsApp, Mail app etc. These attachments also pile up other data in your iPhone. Slowly and gradually, the data balloon up and begin to create a problem.

So if you want to get rid of other data on your iPhone then follow the below-mentioned guide.

How to Remove Other Data from iPhone/iPad

How to Delete “Other” Data on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Open Settings App on your iOS device.

Step #2: Tap on General.

Step #3: Now, tap on iPhone or iPad Storage option.

Here you can easily find how much storage space you have consumed and how much is still left. Below this, you can also see space occupied by all the downloaded and stock apps.

Most probably here you will see those apps only which you use frequently. Usually, Facebook, WhatsApp, Photos, and Mails occupy more space than other apps. Tap either on Facebook or WhatsApp and you will see that actual App Size is small but ‘Documents & Data’ size is quite larger. This is ‘Other Data’ that occupies space on your iPhone.

Step #4: Next, Tap on the App for which you want to delete other data.

Step #5: Here you will find two different options: Offload App or Delete App.

Choose Offload App option as we don’t want to delete the App completely. We just want to remove the other data from the app.

Now you may be thinking that what is Offloading App, then let me tell you that by offloading Apps on your iOS device, you will be able to free up the storage space used by the App without deleting its data. So when you reinstall this app again, you will be easily able to restore your data back again.

If you want to delete the App entirely along with its data then only tap on Delete App.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Other Data Regularly.

Delete Safari Cache and Website Data

Unlike other browsers, Safari also keeps a record of your search history so when you try to visit a webpage which you have opened prevously then it will instantly show from the data stored. I know its very useful to store website data, but this data sometimes cause so many issues and also results in slowing down your device. So it is good to clear safari website data and cache.

Delete Large Attachments from Messages App

iOS default Message App is becoming more powerful and users love to share Video, GIFs, Images in messages a lot. So clearing it will be a good habit and will also free-up some storage space on your iOS device. Follow this simple steps to get rid of large attachments.

Step #1: Open Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Tap on General.

Step #3: Now, Tap on iPhone/iPad Storage.

Step #4: Next, Tap on Messages.

Step #5: On this screen, you will find different options: Conversations, Photos, Videos, GiFs and Stickers and Other under Document & Data.

Tap on any particular option and remove the unnecessary stuff.

For Eg: Here, I am going to tap on Photos and then will tap on Edit from the upper right corner of the screen.

Now I will choose the images which I want to delete and then hit on Recycle bin icon.

Clear Your Mail Cache

Yes, even Mail App create cache files on your iPhone and iPad device. So if you want to get rid of it and just follow this below-mentioned step by step guide.

Step #1: Go to Settings App.

Step #2: Tap on Accounts & Passwords.

Step #3: Now, Tap on the Email account.

Step #4: Next, Tap on Delete Account Option and then tap on Delete from my iPhone option once again to confirm.

That’s it! Now if you want to add then go back and tap on Add Account option.

Clear History of Third-party Apps

To remove history from Third Party apps like Dropbox, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube you need to explore the below articles.

How to Clear Dropbox Cache
How to Clear YouTube Watch History
How to Clear Snapchat Conversation History
How to Clear Instagram Search History
How to Clear Apple News App History

How to Get Rid of “Other” From Your iPhone Completely at Once.

Step #1: Before you follow the steps mentioned below, take a backup of all data on iTunes or iCloud.

Step #2: After taking the backup, go for resetting your iPhone.

Step #3: Launch Settings.

Step#4: Tap on General.

Step#5: Next, Tap on Reset Option.

Step #6: Tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

iPhone may ask you to enter your iCloud password or iPhone passcode; type in your password and confirm the action.

Once you finish above steps, connect your iPhone with iTunes and restore data from backup.

Your above action will delete all temporary files, cache, cookies and other data like album art. All this data occupies large space on your iPhone. Note that the above steps can clear a lot but not everything on your iPhone. You just can’t get rid of ‘Other Data’.

As a smart user, you need to perform this action frequently. Now you will enjoy the smooth interaction with your iPhone.

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Do you know any other trick to get rid of ‘Other’ Data? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We are happy to help!


  1. You shouldn’t have to spend several hours completely wiping your phone and restoring from backup to get rid of the “Other” data. This is kind of a terrible solution to the problem, much like setting your house on fire just to kill a spider.


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