How to Remove Phone Number from Facebook Messenger?

There have been so many updates and changes in the history of Facebook and its Messenger. There is no doubt that the company does it to secure your privacy further.

However, some options are annoyingly useless. On the other hand, they might be beneficial for others.

Today, I will show you how to remove phone number from Facebook messenger. I mean, what is the point of having it in the first place if you have friends connected via Messenger anyway?

Plus, if you do not want the new update where anyone can search you up using your contact number, better remove it, right?


How Do You Remove Phone Number from Facebook Messenger: Android

ways to remove phone number from facebook messenger on android


Not everyone you communicate with on Facebook is a close friend or a family member. Therefore, take a few minutes of your time to read it and delete the number for good.

Suppose you own an Android device, then here are the steps:

  • Open your Facebook app
  • Tap the three horizontal lines icon on the upper right side
  • Open your profile by tapping your profile image icon on the left
  • Select See Your About Info beside the three horizontal dots icon
  • Scroll down to the Contact Info section
  • Tap the Edit to move on to a new page
  • Select Manage Contact Info under Current Phone Numbers
  • Tap on the phone number you have added there
  • Select the Remove button
  • Agree to the condition and confirm your action


How Do You Remove Phone Number from Facebook Messenger: iOS

ways to remove phone number from facebook messenger on ios


While the method is almost similar, there are a few different features on account of iOS devices. For example, if you are using an iPhone, the setting’s style might not match the ones from the Android devices.

This is how it goes:

  • Open Messenger app
  • Log in if it is signed out
  • Do you see the profile icon on the top part of the screen? Go there
  • Tap Account Settings
  • Press Personal Information
  • You will see the phone number visible; tap on it
  • Select Remove From Your Account
  • The app will ask you to type your Facebook password
  • Confirm the action afterward with Remove Phone


How Do You Remove Phone Number from Facebook Messenger: PC

ways to remove phone number from facebook messenger on pc


If you are already working with a PC/laptop and want to get the task done here, then follow the simple steps given below:

  • Open Facebook in a browser
  • Log in if the browser does not save your account information
  • You can access your profile from the profile icon on the top section or the one on the left panel
  • Select the About tab next to the Posts
  • You will see your phone number beside the phone icon
  • Click the pencil icon across the number
  • Remove the phone number by confirming the action


Manage the Phone Number on Messenger: Android

manage phone number on android messenger


You can even avoid removing the phone number and simply manage the privacy. Here is how you can set it up on an Android or iOS device:

  • Launch Facebook app
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines
  • Select your profile via the profile image icon
  • Go to See Your About Info
  • Tap on Edit across the Contact Info
  • You will see a lock icon across the phone number here. Press it
  • The drop-down menu will show who you want to share your phone number with
  • Choose your option and confirm the changes


Manage the Phone Number on Messenger: PC

manage phone number on messenger on pc


How do you manage this feature using a PC? Rest assured, for it is as simple as removing the phone number from Facebook.

Follow all the steps I have mentioned above to remove the phone number using a PC till you reach your profile. Your phone number is visible here. Now, instead of clicking on the pencil icon, select the lock icon.

The prompt box will appear for you to choose who you can view your phone number. Finally, save your options.


Final Words

Honestly, the methods of how to remove phone number from Facebook Messenger are super easy, no matter what device you have. It is because the Facebook or Messenger platforms remain the same wherever you open them.

Once you remove the phone number from Facebook, it will no longer appear on your Messenger profile as well. I hope this has answered all the questions you had regarding Messenger’s contact number deletion. Cheers!


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