YouTube has now been widely accepted not only as a tool for entertainment (people love to watch funny videos) but also as means of getting information. I frequently open YouTube to check whether or not there is something latest on areas of my interest like Advertising, Branding and Social Media.

But for people who are watching YouTube for entertainment only, they inadvertently get some video recommendations from YouTube. Whether they are watching videos on their smartphones or on desktop comps, they are pestered by those recommendations.

So is there any solution? Yes, you can get rid of this practice of YouTube by following a few steps on your Android device and on your personal computer.

How to Remove Recommended Videos from YouTube on Android Phones and Desktop

How to Clear YouTube Search History or Remove Recommended Videos on Android and iPhone

The me generation today spends lot of time with their smartphones; they have become more interested perhaps post arrival of Android N. So, let’s deal with this issue that irritates our young readers.

Step #1: Launch YouTube app on your device (there are thin chances that you don’t have this killer app on your smartphone, hence we don’t provide you a link to download YouTube).

Step #2: If you are not logged in your YouTube account, do so and then tap on three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your phone’s screen.

Click on three Vertical dots in Youtube on Android

Step #3: A drop-down list will appear; tap on Settings from this list.

Click on Setting in Youtube on Android

Step #4: This will open another list of options; tap on Privacy from this newly opened list.

Click on Privarcy Option in Youtube on Android

There are four options in Privacy section: Clear watch history, Clear search history, Pause watch history, and Pause search history.

Step #5: Tap on Clear watch history and Clear search history respectively.

Tap on Clear watch history and Clear search history in Youtube on Android

In both options, you will be asked for confirmation: Are you sure that you want to clear your watch/search history?

Step #6: Tap on OK.

Tap on OK in Youtube on Android

This action will remove all the watch/search history for some time and you will get rid of recommended videos in your Android and iPhone device.

Please note that Privacy section offers Pause watch history and Pause search history. If you turn off both these options, you won’t be able to see recommended videos forever.

Pause watch history and Pause search history Options in Youtube on Android

This is so simple and easy! Now, let’s check how you can remove recommended videos from YouTube on desktop computer.

How to Clear Suggested Videos from YouTube Homepage on Desktop Computer

Step #1: Launch on a web browser.

Step #2: Log in with your YouTube id and password.

Step #3: Now scroll down to the bottom and click on History button.

Click on History Option in Youtube

Step #4: You can see two options: Watch History and Search History.

Watch History and Search History Option in Youtube

See that Watch History is selected by default.

Step #5: Click on Clear all watch history to remove the recommended videos forever.

Clear All Watch History in Youtube

Similarly, you can delete Search history.

Step #6: Click on Search history option next to Watch history.

Click on Search History Option in Youtube

You will find two buttons: Clear all search history and Pause search history.

Step #7: Click on Clear all search history.

Clear All Search History in Youtube

This will clear entire search history on your YouTube. After you clear Watch History and Search History, refresh your YouTube page after a couple of minutes and see the change on the Home page of your YouTube account.

YouTube is an ocean of information in the form of videos; this platform provides you millions of videos on hundreds of topics. Explore YouTube and share good things with us. Catch us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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