How to Reset Galaxy Buds?

Since the release of Galaxy Buds in 2019, many wireless earbuds brands have succumbed to its superiority. Besides, this pair of buds by Samsung is one of the top three brands in the tech world so far.

Making it this far could not have been possible without the high vote of confidence by the users. However, they are not entirely free of errors. Buds+, Buds Live, and Buds Pro are all the results of further improvement from its predecessor. At some point, you might have to reset galaxy buds.

Therefore, you can expect a newer version that will probably reign over these three with ultra-fine function. For now, let us focus on the ones that are streamlined and require some attention.

Let me walk you through the guide below, where I have assembled a few methods of resetting the buds.


Why Reset the Samsung Galaxy Buds?

resetting samsung galaxy buds


For the last several years, Samsung has been diligently working — to compete against Apple and other brands. And it has been on the top place, thanks to the unique smartphone models and Galaxy Buds units.

However, is it that simple to keep that position with other brands tailing right behind? Maintaining the quality of each product, including Galaxy Buds, is practically a warzone.

Plus, the company has to focus on consumer demands as well. No matter how advanced and large the brand has grown into, one in a million products tend to catch a glitch/error that can downsize the Samsung reputation.

Keeping it all in mind, do not worry if your Galaxy Buds face issues. You just have to identify the cause before running to the local Samsung store for an exchange.

If the following issues continue to occur, consider the reset feature for better results.


Error in Pairing

This problem fails to establish a reliable connection via Bluetooth. The pairing issue has been a common bug for Android users.

Despite the high-tech Galaxy Buds features, it tends to miss out on the Bluetooth signal visible on the phone. If this keeps happening, I advise you to restart the Galaxy Buds to fix the Bluetooth locating error.


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Error in Updates

The app used to maintain the Galaxy Buds often introduces updates with bugs fixed. It also allows the units to sync with the latest system update as well.

But if the app fails to update the earbuds in the first place, how will it work with the new Android version?

This is another reason when resetting Galaxy Buds seems inevitable.


Error in Charging

Suppose the battery of one unit is lower than the other, and it shuts down. If this keeps happening, there is a chance of software/hardware errors we are unaware of.

Plus, no matter how long you charge the buds, the battery tends to drain faster than the stated duration. It is essential to reset your Galaxy buds to avert damaging the units further in the future.


Constant Disconnection

Do the units continue to disconnect despite having the Bluetooth toggle on? Then it is high time to look at the matter by resetting the buds.

Repeated cut-off of data transmission is not only annoying but also interferes with daily life.


Poor Sound Quality

Do you experience echo or static in the speaker? Sometimes it can be in the form of reverberation too. Other users have also reported hearing no sound at all.

All these issues have one thing in common – poor quality due to the lack of factory reset at the right moment.


Manual Reset of Samsung Galaxy Buds

manual reset of samsung galaxy buds


First, give manual reset a go. We will try the simple method as it might solve the hiccup without going into the Factory Reset.

Always ensure the Galaxy Buds have at least 20% juice before opting for any reset technique. Resetting or restarting earbuds drains additional energy.

  1. Place the earbuds in the case as if charging them.
  2. Close the lid and wait for about 5 to 7 seconds.
  3. Take out Galaxy Buds from its case
  4. Pair them with the Android phone


Factory Reset of Samsung Galaxy Buds

factory reset of samsung galaxy buds


This approach is known as the hard reset. Why should you decide on this option, though? If the Galaxy Buds face in-depth errors that include several layers, what better way to erase them all than a Factory Reset?

Here is how you can hard reset your Galaxy Buds:

  1. Install Samsung Wearable App
  2. Launch the App
  3. Tap ‘About Earbuds’
  4. Select Reset
  5. Confirm by giving permission
  6. Wait for a while
  7. Pair the earbuds with the phone once again

Remember that this method will not erase any updates on the firmware or the software. However, I recommend demoting the update if there is a bug in the software.


Reset Samsung Galaxy Buds Without Smartphone

resetting samsung galaxy buds without smartphone


Luckily, there is another option for users who do not wish to go through the app at all. It is because of all the notification alerts from the app. They are pretty annoying at one point.

Therefore, I will not blame you for ignoring to launch the app in the first place. This is another way of resetting the Galaxy Buds manually.

Have a look at the steps:

  1. Take out the earbuds from the case.
  2. Hold them with one unit in each hand with the index fingers touching the sensors.
  3. Keep pressing on the sensors of both buds for ten seconds; it has to be at the same time
  4. Put them back in the case as if charging for thirty seconds.
  5. Take them out again and pair them with your phone to test the quality.

Another simple solution includes waiting till the Galaxy Buds are out of juice and shut off automatically. Reactivate them after charging for a while. Many users have benefitted from this technique so far.


The Bottom Line

The highlighted cause to reset Galaxy Buds is technical. Hence, you should try it whenever facing an insurmountable problem.

I have not been disappointed thus far. Let us hope you will achieve a similar outcome. Good luck!


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