How to Reset Snapchat Spectacles by Four Easy Ways

In a very short period of time, Snapchat has emerged as one of the best social media apps. So much so that people also began to explore ways and means to promote business on Snapchat. As happens with Facebook and Twitter, which were used to make friends with people and now used for businesses to engage with customers, Snapchat is also used to market products and services.

To make this app more popular, Snapchat introduced Spectacles in October 2016. This hardware got a huge response from people and they started to pair and use Snapchat Spectacles.

The Spectacles can be connected with Snapchat through Bluetooth. This hardware captures short videos; just press a small button on the top left corner of Spectacles and it will shoot a 10-second video.

During frequent use of Spectacles, you may encounter some issues in the hardware. At this, you may require resetting Snapchat Spectacles to make it function better in future. Here are a few solutions to reset your Snapchat Spectacles quickly.

How to Reset Snapchat Spectacles

How to Reset Snapchat Spectacles

Force Bluetooth Pairing

Since it all began with Bluetooth pairing, you should blame this for the issue. To find an easy solution, you can press and hold the button for seven seconds and then try to pair your Spectacles again with Snapchat.

Go for a Soft Reset

In this soft reset, you actually spend more time than you spent in force Bluetooth pairing. Anyway, you got to do this to fix the issue. For a soft reset, use a timer on your phone or on any other device and press and hold the button on Spectacles for 50 long seconds. Your Spectacles will flash a sequence (three dots) of light dancing around the LED light. This indicates that reset is in progress; once it is done, try to pair your Spectacles again.

Hard Reset

Spend five minutes more than you did in soft reset. Press and hold the button for 55 seconds and then release the button. Within 10 seconds, tap the button again but this time, do not hold the button. Again, the light sequence appears on Spectacles; but this time, dots will be filled up slowly and gradually. This shows that reset is in progress. During this procedure, you may lose recently captured videos, which are not yet saved on the Snapchat app.

Forget the Device

As a last resort, you should go for ‘Forget the Device’ in your Android or iOS device. Simply launch Settings Bluetooth and then tap ‘Forget this device’ option. Now, scan the Spectacles again to pair it afresh.

To sum up, I would suggest you to contact Product Support at Spectacles. All the above solutions can be considered as a trial-and-error process; they may or may not work on your hardware or software. If you have explored other solutions, you can share them with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus. You can also leave your comments in the section below.

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