Home is where your heart is and power button on your Android phone is where your thumb is. Just playing with the words guys! To show the importance of power button, I created this wordplay. In a day, we touch, press and tap power button on our Android smartphone number of times. Little do we care about delicacy of that humble button. And one fine day, it breaks down and then you have to restart your Android Phone without using power button.

All of a sudden, we realize how important that turn on/off button was for us. One of the most important actions we can’t do without power button is to reboot our Android phone. So let’s explore how we can restart the Android device without a working power button.

How to Restart Android Phone Without Using Power Button

How to Reboot Android Phone without Using Power Button

Your Android device is either switched off or on; accordingly, you can follow the methods given below.

How to Restart when Android phone is OFF

Method #1. Plug in your Android phone to charger

Connect your Android smartphone with a power source using a charger. This should probably work and should restart the phone. However, if this fails, you can connect the device with your laptop or desktop computer using USB. Though this may not work every time, it is a quick fix and hence, experts advise users to follow this method.

Method  #2. Press Volume and Home button simultaneously

Press volume and Home button and this will bring a reboot menu, from which you can select restart option.

How to  Restart when Android phone is ON

Method #1. Once your phone is ON, it is quite easy to restart it. Now go back to the first method you performed when the phone was OFF, yeah, that was connecting your Android phone with a power source using charger or USB. If this doesn’t yield any result, make a friend call you on your Android phone. This sounds funny but this might work sometimes.

Method #2. If your phone has a physical Home button, press that button and your Android phone will wake up. You can also employ physical camera button, which should trigger your phone.

Once your Android phone is awake, you should download an app so that you don’t have to employ any trick. Power Button to Volume Button is a nice app that shifts the role of your volume button to that of a power button. However, you should note that this app works only when your Android phone have a physical volume button.

Finally, you should get the power button repaired as a permanent solution. All the methods listed above are provisional solutions; moreover, app suggested here consumes lot of phone battery, and therefore, it is not a good idea to use app forever.

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