How to Save and Delete all Safari Offline Reading Lists Cache on iPhone and iPad

Safari Reading List on iPhone and iPad is a great feature that helps you save a web page to read it later, offline. This means you can read your favourite or saved web pages even if you don’t have access to internet. The feature is particularly helpful for users, who like to read during travelling.

But over a period of time, you keep compiling web pages to your Safari Reading List only to pile up unnecessary pages. You should get rid of Safari Reading List offline cache. But before this, do you know how to set up reading lists in Safari for iPhone and iPad? Once you add articles to Reading Lists in Safari, you can access the same articles when your phone is not connected with Wi-Fi internet or mobile data.

How to Save Article for Reading List in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Launch Safari app on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch Safari

Step #2: Type in (you can paste the link if you have copied it from other apps) the link or web address in the Safari browser.

Open any article in safari

Step #3: Once the page loads fully, tap on Share button.

Tap on Share Button

Step #4: Two rows with some options will swipe up. Tap on Add to Reading List option from the lower row.

Tap on Add to Reading List

This will add the article to your Reading List in Safari.

Once the article is added to the Reading List of Safari, you can check it from the same app.

How to Access Safari Reading List on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Open Safari app on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch Safari

Step #2: Tap Bookmarks icon from the bottom menu.

Tap on Bookmarks

Step #3: By default, you will be on Bookmarks page; tap on Reading List icon, which is in the middle of Bookmarks and Shared Links (@) icons. The Reading List icon looks like reading glasses.

Tap on reading list

The links below are your Reading Lists; tap on each link to read the article offline. At the right bottom, you will find ‘Show Unread’ button. Tap on the button and it will display articles you haven’t read yet. Tap on ‘Show All’ from the bottom right corner and it will take you back to all articles saved in Reading List.

Tap on Show unread

Before you learn to remove Safari Reading list in your iPhone, you may also like to read how to clear Safari browsing history and cookies and to block websites in Safari on iPhone and iPad.

Now if you need to clear all Safari offline Reading List cache on your iPhone or iPad, read the below mentioned steps.

How to Clear/Delete Safari Reading List Offline Cache on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10

Step #1: Launch Settings app on iPhone or iPad.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Tap on General.

Tap on General

Step #3: Next, tap on Storage & iCloud Usage option.

Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage

Step #4: Here, you can see two sections: STORAGE & ICLOUD. Tap on Manage Storage under STORAGE section.

Tap on Manage Storage

Step #5: This will present a list of apps; scroll down and tap on Safari app from the list.

Tap on Safari app from Manage Storage

The apps are listed in order of space they occupy on your iOS device.

Step #6: Tap on Edit button from the upper right corner.

Tap on Edit

Step #7: Now tap on the red button; a Delete button will appear from the right side.

Tap on Red Button

Step #8: Tap on that Delete button and your Safari offline Reading Lists will be cleared.

Tap on Delete

This action will remove the offline cache from the Reading List and will not remove the reading list itself. You can always open those links you have added to Reading Lists when your iPhone/iPad is connected with Wi-Fi or mobile data. However, you won’t be able to open the web pages when your phone is offline.

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