When Apple first launched Apple Watch, customers were expected to use it as a companion of iPhone. Later on, Apple Watch graduated from the companion to a stand-alone device that doesn’t require its partner. And now, Apple Watch is best used as health and fitness tracker. This new role of health tracker requires users to save and backup health data on Apple Watch.

If you have moved your health data to a new iPhone, you should be prepared to follow a long process. This procedure takes in encryption of health data backup of iPhone or iPad with iTunes. Next, you have to use an app called Health Data Importer; and finally, you have to set up your new Apple Watch.

Why do you need to save and back up health data on Apple Watch?

Normally, when you back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, all your data or information is saved. But your health data is very private and therefore, Health app is not included by default in iPhone backups.

How to Save and Backup Health Data on Apple Watch

Step #1: First off, connect your iOS device with your computer through Lightning cable.

Step #2: Launch iTunes.

Step #3: Click on the iPhone or iPad icon from the tab bar.

Step #4: You need to click on Summary if you are not in that section already.

Step #5: Next, you are supposed to click on check box seen before Encrypt iPhone/iPad backup.

This action will backup your Health data.

Step #6: Click Back Up Now available under Manually Back Up and Restore.

Step #7: Once you created a backup, you can initiate the set-up process for your new iPhone or iPad, and select Restore from Backup when you reach that screen.

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After performing above procedure to create an encrypted backup of iPhone or iPad with iTunes, you need to use Health Data Importer app to move health data to a new iPhone. This will enable you to move your health data to a new iPhone.

Once your health data is moved to your iPhone, you need to pair your Apple Watch with iPhone. If you have got the latest iPhones, you can pair Apple Watch with the new iPhone.

Finally, if you are unaware of using Health app and Health data, we have got a complete guide on how to set up Health App on iPhone and use Health Data in iOS 10.

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