There are number of websites that offer you a helping hand in saving a webpage so that you can read the content later; some sites require internet while others allow you to access the content offline. But the best way I think is to save any webpage as PDF on your Android device.

Your Android smartphone is your personal device, and therefore, you can read any saved content at anytime later. The feature is especially useful for those, who have to make presentations in office or in educational institutes.

I have seen lot of people using apps like Instapaper and Pocket to save content. But this sounds more comfortable and easy to use. So that I would advise you to use this information and save important and interesting content as PDF on Android device.

How to Save a Webpage as PDF On Android Device

How to Save a Webpage as PDF For Offline Reading On Android Device

One of our information has been super hit online recently, and I am sure that you would also like to save it as PDF. If you are interested in Indian and Hindu traditions, you can save this information on Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Traditions as PDF.

Step #1: First off, launch any website on chrome browser you are using on Android device.

Launch Chrome App in Your Android Smartphone

For example, type in and navigate through the page that you want to save as PDF.

Step #2: Once the webpage is opened, tap on three vertical dots on the top right corner.

Tap on three vertical dots on the top right corner

Several options will appear on the phone’s screen.

Step #3: Tap on Print from the options.

Tap on Print from the options

Step #4: This will open Save as PDF pop-up.

This will open Save as PDF pop-up

You can select different paper size, orientation, and page range from the options seen on the pop-up window. If the webpage is too long, you can set page range.

Step #5: Finally hit the Save button.

A message “Generating print job” will appear on the screen.

Generating Print Job

Step #6: Now you will be prompted to change the name of the file and select the location on your Android device.

change the name of the file and select the location where you want to save your PDF

You can change the name if you wish and then choose the location. Then press the SAVE button on the bottom right corner of your mobile screen.

I hope that you would like to save many webpages as PDF on your Android smartphones. Also note that this information helps you carry a soft copy of any webpage; if in case you want to carry a physical copy of any content, you can always print from Android phone or tablet with Google Cloud Print option.

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