How to Schedule an Email to Send Later on iPhone and iPad

Scheduling emails is a way to send emails automatically later to get the benefits of better open ratio. Normally, email scheduling is done by email marketers to send marketing messages to their target audience. But now individual users also like to schedule meeting emails. The stock Mail app in iPhone and iPad doesn’t offer this facility, and therefore, users have to rely on third-party email scheduling apps to schedule an email to send later on iPhone and iPad.

This tutorial is about how you can delay in sending an email in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange on your iOS device. Spark is a free application you can download on your iOS device as well as on your Mac to arrange your emails to be sent at a particular time.

How to Schedule an Email to Send Later on iPhone and iPad

But why should you Postpone your emails?

As mentioned above, email scheduling is a practice adopted by marketers to blast emails. But common users have different use of such email schedulers. They want to schedule emails for a future data so that they can wish their loved ones on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries, or a special date of their life. Moreover, if you send a mail at night, there is a slim chance that your mail will be opened. So it is a better idea to set a schedule of your emails.

Professionals use email scheduling tools to make sure that their superiors receive reports in time or whenever they want in a day. Moreover, they can create an impression that they are working till late night (if you schedule an email at 3:00 am).

If your company headquarters are far away and it is in a different time zone, you can schedule an email accordingly.

How to Schedule an Email to Send Later in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and iCloud on iPhone and iPad

You can download Spark app on your iPhone and iPad, and then follow the steps written below.

Step #1: Once the app is downloaded, set it up on your device.

The process of setting up Spark will take some time. You need to give necessary permissions to the app so that it can access your contacts and send you notifications. During the process, you will have to select your mail client – Google, Outlook, Yahoo!, iCloud etc

Choose Mail Cilent Service in Spark App on iPhone and iPad

When you choose the mail client, you also need to enter your email ID and password as well. Once you are in the Spark app (after everything is set up), you can also add another email account.

Step #2: Now the real process starts; you need to tap on mail compose icon to create an email.

Click On Compose button in Spark App on iPhone and iPad

Since you have already synced contacts, you can type the mail id or name of the person in ‘To’ field. Write a subject line and then compose your mail. You can also add signature before you hit the send button.

Step #3: Next, you have to tap on that email scheduling icon to schedule your email to send it later or at a future date. This icon is available at the right side above the keyboard that opens up.

Click on Schedule icon in Spark App on iPhone and IPad

Step #4: This will bring up a menu with different time options like Later Today, This Evening, Tomorrow, and Pick Date.

You can either select the pre-defined time or choose a date to send emails later.

Once you select the date and time, tap on Apply from the bottom. You can schedule your email for up to six months in the future.

Schedule an Email on iPhone and iPad Using Spark App

When your email is scheduled, you can see the date and time at the bottom right corner of your phone screen. To confirm it, tap on email scheduling icon from the top right corner.

You will see a ‘Message scheduled’ text at the bottom for a few seconds. And your scheduled mail will be seen in the Outbox folder.

How to Edit or Change Scheduled Emails

In case you want to make any change in the scheduled emails, you can do it easily.

Step #1: Open Spark app on your iOS device.

Step #2: Tap on hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) from the top left corner.

Step #3: Now tap on Outbox.

You will see here all your scheduled emails.

Step #4: Tap on the email you want to make changes in.

Step #5: Next, tap on pencil icon from the bottom.

The email will open in compose mode; you can edit the content or change the subject line or add signature or attachment (if you have forgotten to add earlier).

Step #6: Finally, tap on email scheduling icon from the top right corner.

That’s it! You have successfully edited your email.

How to Delete Scheduled Email on iPhone/iPad

Don’t want to send that email you have scheduled earlier? No worries; you can delete that email or multiple emails.

Launch Spark app  → Hamburger icon → Outbox.

Next, open the scheduled email you want to remove. At the bottom, you will find a trash can icon next to pencil icon. Simply tap on that delete icon and your scheduled email will be removed from the Outbox.

Remember, your mail will be removed completely; it will not be found in Trash icon of your email account on Spark.

That’s all friends!

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