How to Schedule an Email to Send Later on Mac

Spark app, which is used to schedule emails on iPhone and iPad, can also be used on your Mac for the same purpose. It has been noticed that people love to use this app to schedule meeting emails on their Mac. The method of setting an email schedule on Mac is the same as you follow on your iOS device. However, given the large screen of your Mac, you will find it more comfortable to schedule an email to send later on Mac.

With this spark app, you can delay in sending an email in Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and other mail account services on Mac. To do so, you need to set it up with your email account. Then follow the steps given below to schedule a timetable to send emails later. Note that when you schedule emails, you actually delay or postpone your emails to send automatically in future.

How to Schedule an Email to Send Later on Mac Using Spark App

How to Schedule an Email to Send Later in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and iCloud Mail Accounts on Mac 

Step #1: Download and Install Spark App on your Mac.

Step #2: Launch the App on your Mac and Click on Login as a New User.

Click on Login as New user in Spark App on Mac

Step #3: Next, Select your Email Account Service from which you want to schedule a mail.

Choose Email Account Service to Schedule an Email from Mac

Step #4: Now, enter your Email ID and Password to Login.

Enter Email ID and Password in Spark App on Mac

Step #5: Up Next, Allow spark to manage your email Account by click on Allow button.

Allow Spark App on Mac to Access your Email Details

Step #6: Click ok allow Spark to access your email contacts.

Step #7: Click on Compose button and create an email by entering the email address, subject, and body.

Step #8: Once you are done with the creation of email, click on schedule button which is located next to send button.

Click on Schedule in Spark App on Mac

Step #9: Choose date and time and click on set time button.

Schedule an Email Using Spark App on Mac

Step #10: Finally, hit Schedule button.

Click on Schedule Button in Spark App on Mac

Later, if you want to make any change or edit the scheduled email, you can go to the Outbox folder and delete or change your email. Remember, you have to use Outbox folder in the Spark app and not in the email client you are using on your Mac.

That’s all friends!

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