For businessmen, emails are primary source of communication. Emails offer ease of sending documents, pictures and videos. In your daily schedule, you may require to send some important emails at a certain time. For example, if you want to send an email to person who is living in a completely different time zone than yours, you wish your email gets opened first when s/he logs into in the morning.

At this, you need to schedule your emails in Gmail, the most popular email app. But Gmail doesn’t offer any facility to schedule emails; you need to download an extension on your web browser. Hence, we have selected Boomerang – a multipurpose extension. Boomerang not only schedules your emails, but also sets reminders, recurring messages, makes notes and has a smart menu.

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail with Boomerang

Step #1: First off, install Boomerang extension. Click this link and download.

Install Boomerang to Schedule Emails in Gmail

Step #2: Now click on ‘Add this to your Gmail’ button.

A pop-up will appear on screen: Add “Boomerang for Gmail”.

Step #3: Click on “Add Extension” button appeared in the pop-up.

Click on Add Extension

If you are using Mozilla browser of Firefox and are downloading the Boomerang extension while being logged into Gmail account, you need to log out of Gmail and log in back once again. And you will be able to see Boomerang extension beside the Google Apps icon on top right corner of computer screen.

And if you are using Chrome browser, you can just download this Boomerang extension and you will be landed on Gmail log in screen directly. This is just a basic difference between the two downloads on Mozilla and Chrome.

Now that you have downloaded and installed this extension, you are ready to schedule your emails on your Gmail account. Note that you can manage scheduled mails and also subscribe for the paid version of Boomerang.

Step #4: Now you can log into your Gmail account if you are not logged in.

Step #5: Click on COMPOSE button from the left navigation panel.

You will see an extra red button below the Send button of the compose email window. The red button reads ‘Send Later’. And next to this button, there is a check box that reads ‘Boomerang this’.

Send Later Emails

Users need to check this box to start scheduling emails on Gmail. You can explore this feature in detail by clicking on ‘Days’ option and ‘if no reply’ menu seen next to ‘Boomerang this’.

Select Time to Schedule Emails in Gmail

Now start writing a mail to your colleagues or any contacts. Once you finish writing the mail, don’t click on Send button but click on Send Later. You will see a menu will appear there in the compose window; you can select the specific time and then hit the Confirm button. Your email will be delivered at the exact time you have selected.

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Apart from this, ‘Boomerang this’ option lets you know if your email is not opened, if there is no reply, if mail is not clicked or regardless of these options.

Once you schedule emails, you can edit the scheduled emails by clicking on Boomerang icon. From the drop-down menu select ‘Manage scheduled messages’. Here, you can selection options like Reschedule, Send Now or select Don’t Send option.

Manage Schedule Emails

Now you can schedule emails in Gmail and manage it – whether you have to send official or personal emails. Use this wonderful extension to schedule email in gmail account and share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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