How to Schedule Text Messages on Android

To schedule a text message on your Android smartphone, you can either create a new message or use the existing thread of communications you have opened with your friends. As I could see in my Android device, I have scheduled text messages in both – existing messaging thread and new message window.

Need of scheduling text message stems from our busy schedule. We tend to forget that we have to contact someone at a particular time. Maybe we are supposed to send a friend reminder to reach nearby multiplex. This is when scheduling text message comes handy. Follow the steps written below and you can easily create a schedule for text messages on your Android smartphones.

How to Send Scheduled Text Messages on Android

Step #1: Launch the SMS app on your Android smartphone.

Step #2: Now tap on the existing SMS thread or create a new one by tapping on the new message creation icon from the top right corner of your phone’s screen.

Step #3: Type in the message you want to send.

Type in the message you want to send.

Step #4: Tap on the menu button to swipe up the list of options.

Step #5: Among the multiple options, you will spot Scheduling.

Step #6: Tap on the Scheduling option.

Tap on the Scheduling option.jpg

Step #7: Set the date and time.

Set the date and time.


Step #8: Tap on Done.

Step #9: Finally, come back to the message window and tap on the Send button.

Your message will be displayed in grey background.jpg

You can see in the screenshots above that your message will be displayed in grey background; you can also see a clock icon on the left side of text message. You can also see scheduled time you have set for your text message. Once your text message is delivered, the background of the text will turn back into the default sky blue color.

There is another situation in this story of scheduling text messages. What if you want to cancel, edit or send that message right now?

The method is simple. Just press and hold the scheduled text message (in grey background). A menu will pop-up with some options like: Send now, Cancel message, Copy text, Forward, Lock, Edit message, Share, and View message details.

Cancel or Edit Message

From these options, you can edit your message, cancel it and send the message right now instead of on the scheduled time.

Similarly, you can manage multiple scheduled text messages. Your scheduled text messages can be accessed from the home screen of your SMS app. Tap on the left menu button to swipe up list of SMS app options.

You can see “Scheduled messages” option. Tap on this option and you will see all your scheduled messages.

Checked Schedule Messages

From here, you can tap on an individual message to manage it.

The screenshots given above speak volumes about the usefulness of this feature. If you are still confused, do let us know about your queries.

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