How to Schedule Volume Levels on Android Phone

On your Android phone, you receive calls at different time from different people. When you are in your office or at a place, where a higher ringer volume may invite some harsh stares, you need to lower down the volume of your smartphone. But when you are at a crowded place, you need to raise the volume so that phone’s ring is audible.

You wish you had an access to a feature that automatically schedule volume levels on your Android smartphone. Thankfully, your prayer is answered by Yogesh Dama, an Android developer who has developed an app that can schedule the volume of your phone’s ring.

Volume Scheduler is an amazing app for your Android phone. This app doesn’t use any background service; nor does it use your Mobile data, Wi-Fi connection or GPS. You simply need to feed this app with time you want to change your profile. Normally, you know your schedule and also know when to raise or lower the volume levels on your Android phone. But there are many instances when you clean forget to adjust the volume levels. This is when Volume Scheduler comes to your rescue.

How to Set Android’s Volume Levels to Change on a Schedule

Step #1: First off, download Volume Scheduler on your Android phone from Google Play Store.

Step #2: Now is the time to set up this app. Open Volume Scheduler and you will find set-up screen. Here, you need to enable the app by toggling the switch seen at the top of Volume Scheduler’s main menu.

Step #3: Once the app is enabled, look at the two preset volume profiles viz. Office and Home. Also check that + icon at the bottom right; through this button, you can add your own profile. However, it is advisable to begin with the two presets. Tap on any one preset and then tap on Edit (pencil icon) from the menu that swipes up on your phone’s screen.

Step #4: Next, you can change the name of profile, if you wish. You should not forget to tap ‘Volume Profile’ to fine-tune the individual volume levels when the profile is active. Moreover, this app allows you to adjust different set of volumes like phone volume, notification volume, media volume, alarm volume, system volume etc. in Profile Settings.

Step #5: Now you need to scroll down to use the options in Schedule Settings. Here, you can select the time when your volume profile becomes active; you can also choose the days of the week.

In addition to this, you can also notice that ‘Show popup and ask before applying on schedule time’ option. If this option is enabled, your profile’s volume levels never get changed automatically; instead, you can see a pop-up that asks you if you want to set the volume. For smoother experience of this app, I would suggest you to disable this option.

Once you finish everything here, go back to the main menu and follow the same process to set up another volume profile. At the end of this entire exercise, you will have two profiles: one that reduces volume levels during office time and another that increases levels when you are at home or at crowded places.

Henceforth or as long as you are using Volume Scheduler, never worry about adjusting volume levels manually because the app will pay attention to volume levels for you.

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