WhatsApp message scheduling is the need of the hour. Users have begun to take this chat client seriously; apart from sharing fun and humour, smartphone users like to send and receive important contents (videos, pictures, documents, and texts) by using WhatsApp. This has created a need to schedule messages on WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp doesn’t offer any built-in feature to schedule messages, you need to download a third-party app and then schedule WhatsApp messages on Android phones.

Note that you can always schedule text messages on Android phone; your mobile operator will levy charges as per your plan though. To send scheduled messages on WhatsApp in your Android phone, you need SQEDit Scheduling App on your phone.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android Phones

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android Phone

Step #1: First off, you need to download SQEDit Scheduling App.

Step #2: Open the app from app drawer or home screen of your Android smartphone. Next, follow the on-screen instructions (Tutorial) one by one.

Step #3: Next, you will be asked to create an account or log-in with your Facebook ID; if you have already created an account, just sign-in.

just sign-in on SQEDIT Scheduling App

Step #4: You can now see five options to schedule phone, SMS, email, Facebook, and WhatsApp. You need to tap on the last option, which is WhatsApp.

Step #5: The WhatsApp icon will turn green immediately; tap on the WhatsApp icon again.

Tap on WhatsApp

Step #6: Here, a pop-up appears on your phone screen. The app asks you to grant permission for WhatsApp automation purpose. No worries, your data and actions will remain confidential and secure. So go ahead and tap on OPEN SETTING.

Tap on Open Settings

Step #7: This will take you directly to Accessibility page on your Android phone.

Step #8: Scroll down and you can see SQEdit under Services section.

Tap on SQEdit under Services section

Step #9: Toggle SQEdit ON.

Another pop-up appears; SQEdit needs to observe your actions and retrieve window content. Tap on OK button.

Tap on OK button

Step #10: SQEdit toggle turns green now.

Toggle SQEdit ON

Step #11: You are now on a screen where you can draft and schedule WhatsApp messages.

Here you can draft and schedule WhatsApp messages

Now you can create a message in the message box; right above this box, you can select saved WhatsApp contact.

Below the message box, there is an option to choose date & time. Select the date and time, and then if you want to repeat the message, choose the options accordingly.

choose date & time

Finally, tap on SCHEDULE button on top right corner of your phone, and your WhatsApp message is scheduled successfully.

Tap on SCHEDULE button

The app also allows you an option to send message manually. Once you select this option, a pop-up tells you that your phone should not be locked with a PIN, password or pattern.

Tap on I Understand

On scheduled time, you get a notification on the home screen of phone; there are three options given: Send, Edit, and Dismiss. Take your choice of action.

At scheduled time you will get thesr options

There is one drawback of the app; users cannot send messages to multiple contacts by selecting them separately. However, you can always create a group and select the group name to schedule WhatsApp messages.

Moreover, you can repeat your scheduled WhatsApp messages by tapping on ‘Does Not Repeat’ option under Repeat. You can schedule messages every hour, every day, every week, or every month.

All in all, SQEdit is an excellent app to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android phone. There many third-party apps available on Google Play Store to schedule messages on WhatsApp; after using such apps, I have come to conclusion, that they cannot beat SQEdit. Besides scheduling WhatsApp messages, you can also schedule emails, SMS, Facebook posts, and calls.

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