How to Send and Request Money in your Gmail app on Android

When it comes to money, everyone becomes serious. Until now, Google’s Gmail app has been largely used to send and receive mails, documents as attachments, and sharing information. But now you can send and receive money in Gmail app on Android Phone.

Facebook has already rolled out this feature of send and receive money in Facebook Messenger app, and now Google is following in Facebook’s footsteps. But why should users use this feature on their Android phones? Well, there can be multiple advantages of sending and receiving money in Gmail app. You can split your restaurant bill or you can pay your portion of a trip planned by your friends. Apart from these, there are many reasons people would love to use this feature introduced by Google.

For your convenience, Google has kept this feature open for all, i.e. you can exchange money with any user – even with non-Gmail users.

How to Transfer Money in Gmail app on Android Phone

Step #1: Launch Gmail app on your Android phone or tablet.

Step #2: Tap on Compose button to draft a mail.

Step #3: Enter the email id of recipient in the field of ‘To’.

Step #4: Next, tap on Attachment icon.

Step #5: A drop-down menu with four options will appear on your mobile screen; the options are: Attach file, Insert from Drive, Send money, and Request money.

Step #6: Tap on Send money or Request money option if you want to send or receive money to/from your contact.

Step #7: Now type in the amount you want to send/receive.

Step #8: Tap Continue from the bottom of the screen.

Step #9: On the next screen, you can write Memo; this feature is optional.

Step #10: Tap on Done button.

Step #11: And finally, tap on Send button on your Gmail app.

It is done! Your money will be sent to the person you want to share your portion.

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Note that your contacts, i.e. recipients can receive or request money from the email itself; they are not supposed to download and install any payment app. The best part of this feature is that you can send or receive cash without paying any extra buck; it is free for both users.

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This feature can be used only by US customers; and there is no word from the authority whether or not iOS users can use this feature on their devices. They have to wait for some time!

Do you like this feature? Will you send and request money in your Gmail app on Android? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.



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