How to send GIFs Using Google Keyboard in Android Nougat

Your digital communication doesn’t always happen via texts and voice messages. There are occasions when you like to send a funny GIF or a video to your friends, just to spice up your conversations.

If you are using Android Nougat on your phone, you can use Google Keyboard to send GIFs by pressing a few buttons. This method is a bit complex, but you may follow some easy steps given below to send GiFs with Google Keywords in Android Nougat.

How to Send GIFs Using Google Keyboard in Android Nougat 7.0

Step #1: Launch Message app on your Android phone.

Step #2: If you are already engaged in a conversation thread, tap on the smiley icon while writing your message.

This will open the emojis screen on your phone; and you can see a GIF icon on the bottom right corner.

Step #3: Tap on GIF button and you will be presented with a screen of multiple suggestions.

Now your task is easy; scroll up and down to explore different categories and tap on a GIF to include in your conversation.

Apart from this, you can make use of Search GIFs box to find a GIF that is related to the topic of your conversation.

Note that this feature is available only in Android Nougat and supported in a few select apps.

The world of GIF, smileys and emoticons is interesting. There are thousands of cartoons or caricatures made by different app developers. This can not only spice up your chat but also give you shortcuts to express your emotions.

A couple of months back, Facebook introduced reaction packs for users to react to posts of friends and family. If you don’t want to use GIF in conversation, you would certainly like to add GIFs to Android phone’s home screen.

Developers like to explore this realm of emojis and emoticons; it is a dynamic world and Android developers wish to contribute more every time.

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