How to Send your Heartbeat from Apple Watch

In your fairy tale romance, you may have experienced or listened to heartbeats of each other, but never have you seen the heartbeat on a digital screen. Apple gives you this excellent opportunity to send someone your heartbeat with Apple Watch.

On your iPhone or iPad, you must have used digital touch in iMessage in iOS 10. Now experience the same excitement of digital touch on your Apple Watch. You can send your heartbeat to someone’s iPhone or Apple Watch. And when your contact receives your heartbeat, you will also receive a haptic feedback.

I know that you are pretty much excited to send your heartbeat to someone with Apple Watch. Follow the steps given below and go ahead.

How to Send a Heartbeat on Apple Watch

Step #1: Launch Messages app on the Home screen of your Apple Watch.

Step #2: Tap on a conversation thread in which you want to send a message.

Optionally, you can also use Force Touch on display to initiate New Message option.

Step #3: Tap on Digital Touch button (two fingers placed on a heart).

Step #4: Next, press and hold your two fingers on this icon until you see heart on your watch screen.

Step #5: Simply release your fingers from the screen to send.

If this is your new conversation, you need to tap on Send button seen at the bottom right corner of your watch screen.

It is done! Your heartbeat is sent to another person on his/her Apple Watch or iPhone. Now wait for his/her reply and have fun!

Apples’ gadgets have truly been updated with advanced features. With the launch of iOS 10 and watchOS 3, iPhone and Apple Watch Series 2 have become extra smart to make your communication better and faster. With the help of Digital Touch feature, uses can also send sketches, taps, kisses and more from their Apple Watch to friends’ Apple Watch or iPhone.

When you receive a Digital Touch from your contacts, you need to tap the notification on your Apple Watch of iPhone running on iOS 10. While celebrating this Digital Touch feature, you need to ensure that you and your contact use the latest versions of iOS and watchOS.

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