Our digital generation would like to receive gifts that match their expectations. This Christmas, you must have purchased some fanciful Christmas gifts. There are chances that you disappoint your young kids, who are now gadget-savvy.

For iPhone and iPad users, the best gift can be iMessage sticker packs. You have got two-three days to correct your mistake. Send some iMessage sticker packs as New Year gift to your loved ones. In this information, we will tell you how you can send iMessage sticker packs as gift on iPhone and iPad.

Messages app in iOS 10 has been revamped to the benefit of iPhone and iPad users. Sticker packs are one of the popular things among iOS users; and therefore, it would be a good idea to send some funny sticker packs to your friends and colleagues.

How to Send iMessage Sticker Packs as Gift on iPhone and iPad

Before you move ahead, note that sticker packs are available only on iOS 10 or later versions. If you haven’t updated your device, you need to update your iPhone or iPad first and then read further.

Step #1: Open Messages app on iPhone/iPad and select any contact from the list.

The contact you choose now will not be the recipient of sticker packs; you will be provided the option to select receiver later in the process.

Step #2: Now you need to tap App icon seen before the text field.

Tap on App icon

Step #3: Next, tap the App drawer located at the bottom left corner of your phone screen.

Tap on the App drawer

Step #4: You need to tap on Store from the list of four options; the other three are Recents, Music and #images.

Tap on Store

Step #5: App Store will open and it will present you with Featured stickers. You can select your choice of stickers.

Select Stickers Packs

Step #6: Tap on Share button from the upper right corner of mobile screen.

Tap on Share icon

Step #7: Two lines with some sharing options will swipe up; select Gift icon from the lower line.

Tap on Gift

Step #8: Here you are required to give recipient’s email id; ensure that the recipient is using the email id as his/her Apple ID. You can also write a message of maximum 200 characters to the recipient.

Enter recipient email address and Message

Step #9: Choose a date to send the sticker pack and then tap on Next from the top right corner.

Choose Date and Tap on Next

Step #10: You can select here a theme and tap on Next.

Tap on Next

Step #11: A Review screen will appear on your iPhone or iPad; this allows you to check whether you have provided all the information correct or not. Once you check everything, tap on Buy button from the top right corner; tap on BUY NOW.

Tap on Buy

Step #12: Enter your Apple ID and password to sign into iTunes Store. Tap on OK button.

Now is the time to tap Done. And your sticker packs will be sent to the recipient on the date you have selected earlier.

Apple will deliver your gift via email to your friend; the recipient can download the sticker pack by tapping on the link.

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