Skype has been updated June this year and now Microsoft has introduced payment services in Skype via PayPal. This means Skype users can send money via PayPal in their chats. This can be one of the major updates Skype has undergone this year. And users would like to take maximum benefit from this feature. If you are using both the apps, you can send money via PayPal from Skype on iPhone and Android.

To transfer money from Skype through PayPal, you should be from one of the 22 countries, where Skype supports Send Money feature. The countries are:

US, Canada, the UK, and countries using euro currency (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia).

Remember that sender and receiver both have to be from one of the countries listed above.

How to Transfer Money from Skype through PayPal on iPhone and Android

Step #1: On your smartphone, launch Skype app and tap on Find or swipe right.

This will open up the listed add-ins.

Step #2: Now tap on Send Money, which is one of the add-ins on your Skype.

Step #3: Next, choose the country you live in and then select the country your contact lives in (contact means the person to whom you want to send money).

Step #4: Then you need to enter the amount you want to send and press Next.

Here, you will be asked to sing into your PayPal account; you are also required to link your PayPal account to Microsoft one.

Step #5: Once you establish the connection, press the Send button to complete the transfer process.

Finally, come back to chat screen to confirm the transfer status.

When you receive or a person sends you money in Skype, your chat will show a Money Transfer card. Receiver needs to tap on the card and s/he will be landed on a secured payment website. On this website, receiver has to tap on Collect and then the amount will be transferred to his/her account.

If you don’t want to use app, you can also use Skype client and transfer the money; however, this will involve a few extra steps. Similarly, when a receiver gets the money from a person using Skype client, receiver will receive a message with a link on chat screen. Upon clicking the link, receiver will be landed on a website from where s/he can tap on Collect and get the amount.

Isn’t it interesting?

Well, transferring money via chat clients is not new. There are many other ways you can send and receive money. Apple has introduced two methods: you can send and receive money via iMessage with Apple Pay, and you can also send money with PayPal using Siri on iPhone.

Google and Facebook are also in this race. For Google users, they can send and receive money in Gmail app, and Facebookers can send and receive money in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android.

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