Google Home is one of the best voice assistants that the technology has bestowed us with. Right from placing and receiving calls to sending a mail, Google Voice is one of the most user-friendly and proficient voice assistants. And when it comes to the culinary vertical, it proves to be an excellent kitchen aid to the novices, as well as the experienced ones who want to try their hands at something new. So now let’s get started with how to send recipes to Google Home.

To learn cooking recipes from Google Home, you need to know some basic features. Google home offers features like setting timers, adding things to your grocery list and playing music while you do the cooking. But one feature, which sets the bar high, is its ability to read off the recipes step by step while you cook. It’s just like a person standing next to you giving instructions to you on what to do next. Isn’t it simply awesome!

How to Send Recipes to Google Home

How to Send Recipes to Google Home

If you are looking forward to finding some new recipes, and sending them to Google Voice for receiving cooking instructions, then follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:

Step #1: First of all, you will need to pick up a recipe that you want Google Voice to assist you with. The easiest way to do so is by searching the recipe on your phone itself.

  • Open Google Search or Google Assistant on your smartphone.
  • Search the kind of recipes you want from the list of the recipes enlisted in front of you.
  • Once you find the recipe you want to cook, tap the Send to Google Home button.
  • If you want, you can directly ask Google Home to search recipes for you by reading all the recipes one by one until you choose a recipe you want to try.

Step #2: To get started with cooking, say “Ok Google, start recipe” to Google Home.

Step #3: Google Home will recite the selected recipe step-by-step. It will ask you whether you want to hear out the ingredients that are to be used or just skip straight to the instructions for cooking. You can choose the option as per your feasibility.

Step #4: You can control the reciting of the recipe with the help of the following commands-

  • “Ok Google, Next step.”

When you will call out this command, Google Home will start reciting the next step of the recipe.

  • “Ok Google, Repeat step.”

This command will help you in hearing a part of the recipe that you missed out or you just want to hear again. Google Home will repeat the last step for you.

  • “Ok Google, What’s step (x)?”

If you want to hear one of the steps of the recipe without any order and at the same time while being at the same place, you can use this command.

For instance, if you are at step 6 of the recipe but you want to hear the step 3 again, you can say ““Ok Google, What’s step 3?” Google Home will recite the third step again and when you will say, “Ok Google, Next step”, it will continue the recipe from step 7.

Give Normal Home Commands While Cooking

In between each step of the recipe, you can make use of any Google Home command. For instance, you can set a timer, send a mail, play music etc. and then say “Ok Google, Next step” to continue. Google Home will resume the recipe from where you left.

We hope that you got to learn something new today. In case you have any queries, suggestions or comments, feel free to reach out to us by commenting in the comment section below. We will hear you out. We take it for granted that you have set up Google Home on your iPhone and Android phone.

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