How to Set up and Use Android Pay on Android Wear Smartwatch

Convenience is the key in digital world. From smartphones to smartwatches, digital domain has made exponential growth to make our life easier than ever. With your smartwatch, you don’t have to take your mobile phone out of your pocket to perform many tasks. Want to know weather report? Check it on your Android smartwatch; also take a glance on notifications on your wristwatch. The biggest convenience is you can setup and use Android Pay on your Android Wear smartwatch.

Set up Android Pay on your Android Wear Smartwatch

This will be a simple process for you as you must have set up Android Pay on Android Smartphone. Similarly, setting up Android Pay on your Android Wear is easy. You need to spare a few minutes to perform some steps and you are ready to use Android Pay.

Step #1: First off, you need to install Android Pay on your phone and then add card you want to use.

Step #2: In the next step, you should check if your smartwatch is connected to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

Step #3: This will enable you to launch Android Pay app on your watch; you can now add credit/debit card by selecting one from previously added cards.

Step #4: In case you change your mind and wish to add another card, you can tap on Add Card option and go back to your phone to confirm details.

Once all the details are confirmed, the new card will be added to cards available with Android Pay app on your smartwatch.

Now you can set up Android Pay

Step #1: Install Android Pay on your smartphone.

Step #2: Add the debit or credit card you want to use while making payment; please verify with the bank.

Step #3: Remember that your watch should be connected with your Android phone via Bluetooth.

Step #4: Launch Android Pay on your watch and then tap on add card to select from cards on your phone.

It’s done!

How to Use Android Pay on your Smartwatch

Speed is an important phenomenon in your growth story. And therefore, you want to carry out your tasks with some speed. Android Pay on your smartwatch will surely help you perform many tasks with some speed. As said earlier, you are not supposed to reach out to your pocket to take out your smartphone to make payment via Android Pay; everything can be done quickly with Android Pay on your watch. With a single tap, you can buy countless things from a mall nearby. In case, you forget your wallet at home, you can still purchase items you want at the moment.

First of all, you need to open Android Pay app on your smartwatch. Note that there are many Android Wear smartwatches but only LG Watch Sport gives you access to Android Pay. There is a default button near the bottom of your watch to open Android Pay; a boon for user is that your watch is not required to be connected with your phone to make payment. When you are ready to pay with default card, simply put the top edge of your Android Wear watch to the payment terminal. Once your payment is done or accepted, you can feel a long vibration on the watch; at the same time, payment terminal may also beep.

If you wish to change another card or use alternate cards, you can do it without any hassle. Simply swipe up on your smartwatch screen to bring up additional cards to select from. The cards are already entered and verified in the Android Pay app on your connected smartphone. In case, you want to use a new default card, tap on the card and swipe up on the card. Next, tap on the blue bar that bears a check mark at the bottom. If you wish to delete any of the cards, you can perform the same steps; however, make sure that you don’t need to tap the blue bar and have to swipe up one more time and tap the trash can to remove the card.

That’s it! Making payments via Android Wear smartwatch is pretty damn easy for you. Note that digital payment system is gaining ground worldwide as it guarantees safety and security of your money. In India, people have begun to use Paytm on Android and iPhone to buy products they need every day.

Now go ahead and setup Android Pay on your smartwatches to make your life easier and simpler. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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