Ever since smartphones have begun to offer alarms, people have nearly rejected those traditional alarm clocks, which were quite distasteful when they would ring up. However, after using alarms in their smartphones, users have also been fed up with the so-called electronic, digital alarms. Until they find something new in their iPhone 6s Plus enabled with iOS 10. And the new stuff is: they can set up bedtime wake alarm in iOS 10 clock app on iPhone or iPad.

This new feature in iOS 10 ensures users get enough sleep during night. But how can a simple and unassuming alarm help you improve your sleeping habits?

Well, you should check this Wake Alarm feature on your iPhone running on iOS 10; though it acts like your old granny, it is useful in that it tells you time you should go to bed, it tracks your sleep habit and allows you to set up a separate alarm volume. Now go ahead and set up bedtime wake alarm in iOS 10 clock app on iPhone or iPad.

How to Set up Bedtime Wake Alarm in iOS 10 Clock App on iPhone or iPad

How to Create a New Wake Alarm

Step #1: Launch Clock app on your iPhone enabled with iOS 10.

Step #2: Tap on Bedtime tab.

Step #3: Next, tap on Get Started option.

Step #4: Now tell the app the time you want to wake up in the morning and tap on Next.

Step #5: Select the days when alarm will ring and tap on Next.

Step #6: The app will ask you: How many hours of sleep do you need each night?

This is the beauty of this feature; feed the number after much consideration. After this, the app will ask another important question: When would you like a bedtime reminder? Feed this information and then select an alarm sound you want to wake up to.

Finally, you will be landed on a screen, where you get an idea about how this sleep-tracking feature works. Each day of the week shows a vertical bar; so there is a row of bars and you have to keep your sleep history bars aligned. Now tap on Save button on the top right of your phone screen.

Wake Alarm is for improving your sleep; when your bedtime comes near, you get a notification on the locked screen of your iPhone. Use this feature at least for a week; if you find that you are not able to sleep during the stipulated time, you can adjust this Wake Alarm.

How to Adjust Wake Alarm

Step #1: Launch Clock app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on Bedtime tab from the bottom menu.

Step #3: Now drag that moon icon around the circle to change the target sleep time.

Step #4: Follow the same pattern with the bell icon to change target wake time.

Note that if you wish to keep the same sleep time, you can drag from any side of the semi-circle to move sleep and wake times at the same time.

Change Alarm Volume Level without Changing Ringer Volume

A remarkable feature of Wake Alarm is that you can turn up and turn down alarm volume level without changing ringer volume. Want to give it a try?

Step #1: Launch Clock app.

Step #2: Tap on Bedtime tab again.

Step #3: Now tap on Options button from the top left corner of phone screen.

Step #4: Here, you can see a volume slider at the bottom of phone screen.

Adjust this slider and it will work for Wake Alarm only. Once you adjust the volume, tap on Done from top right corner.

This information is quite helpful for those who are dealing with sleep disorders. Use this feature and share your feedback with us on  FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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