How to Setup Family Sharing on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Setting Up Family Sharing in an iOS device is a great way to share contents, storage space, and location with your family members, who use iPhone or iPad. While following this Apple Family Sharing setup guide, care should be taken that you set enough permissions for your kids so that before accessing some contents, you receive a request. Then it is up to you to accept or reject that permission to purchase contents. Follow this guide which helps you setup Family Sharing on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11.

By following this Apple iCloud Family Sharing setup, you can add up to six family members. Note that iOS devices of your family members should be running on iOS 8 or above version. Once Apple setup of Family Sharing is done, you can access purchases of each other; you can also view and download contents of each other as if you had been watching your own downloaded contents.

When you remove a family member from this Sharing, the person will be able to access any content which was purchased up until that point via their own Apple ID. This also happens when you want to disable Family Sharing. At the same time, individual Apple ID will be able to access all contents until that point; anything purchased later will not be visible or accessible to members who are removed from Family Sharing group.

How to Set up Family Sharing on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Family Sharing Features

  • By using this feature, you can share music, movies, books, TV shows, and other paid contents.
  • You can share photos with other family members with the help of Family Photo Stream.
  • Share your family calendars and keep your personal calendars separate.
  • Share locations to know where your family members are.
  • The most important feature is that you can trace family members’ devices from any other device in group by using Find My iPhone.
  • If there is a child under 18, you can use ‘Ask to Buy’ feature which allows parents to require kids to ask permission before buying contents from iTunes and App Store; you have right to accept or reject the requests remotely.

Limitations on creating Family Sharing groups

  • In a year, you can set up and delete two Family Sharing groups. So once you create a family sharing group and delete it, you have got only one more chance to create the group. For another Apple setup Family Sharing, you have to wait for the next year. To avoid such situations, it is better to delete members instead of shutting down entire Family Sharing group.
  • The limitations of purchasing are for minors (below 18 years) and not for adults. If there is any child below 13, s/he will have purchase restrictions automatically enabled.

How to Setup Family Sharing on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Open Settings app on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 or later versions.

Step #2: Now tap on Apple ID banner (one with your name and photo).

Step #3: Next, tap on Set Up Family Sharing option.

Step #4: Tap on Get Started from the bottom.

Step #5: You need to tap on Continue. Before this, you can add a photo (this is optional).

Step #6: Tap on Continue to share your purchases.

Step #7: Again tap on Continue to confirm your payment method; you can change this in Settings.

Step #8: You can share your location by tapping on Share Your Location; the location will be shared with Family members. Alternatively, you can tap Not Now.

Step #9: Next, tap Add Family Member.

Step #10: Enter the name of a person.

Step #11: Tap the person you want to add as a Family Member.

Step #12: Type in the credit card security code when asked; this is to verify that you are the organizer of family.

If your purpose is just to share location, you can setup family sharing on iPhone without credit card.

Remember that you can add up to six members to a family. The members receive an email notification and a push notification on their iOS devices; they need to accept your invitation. The moment they accept your invitation, all purchases, from that moment, made by family members will be charged to family organizer. Moreover, they can access contents purchased by other group members.

How to Accept a Family Sharing Invitation on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Open Settings on your device.

Step #2: Tap on your Apple ID banner.

Step #3: Tap on Invitations; you can see a number 1 next to Invitations (if you have not received other invitations).

Step #4: Tap on Accept.

Step #5: Now tap on Confirm. Alternatively, you can use another Apple ID; simply tap ‘Not or want to use a different ID?’

Step #6: Tap on Continue to share your purchases.

Step #7: You can either tap on Share Your Location or tap on Not Now.

You are now a part of a Family!

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