Setting up Kodi on NVIDIA Shield TV takes two to three steps. Kodi is a free and open source media player software app created by XBMC Foundation. Users can use this app and then stream their favorite entertainment contents on a famous streamer like NVIDIA Shield Android TV. Check this detailed guide on how to setup and install Kodi on NVIDIA Shield Android TV.

Once you get and configure Kodi on your NVIDIA Shield TV, you can install Kodi add-ons and enjoy videos, photos, podcasts, games, and music from a hard disk, optical disk, local network, and internet.

As a better solution, you can quickly set up Kodi on NVIDIA Shield Android TV or on NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro. If you want to use Kodi on your NVIDIA Shield Android TV, you need to download the Android app from Google Play Store and enjoy the best contents.

How to Set Up and Install Kodi on NVIDIA Shield Android TV

How to Setup Kodi on NVIDIA Shield Android TV

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How to Install Kodi on NVIDIA Shield TV

Step #1: Launch Google Play Store on NVIDIA Shield Android TV.

Step #2: Next, find Kodi there and tap Install to download the app.

Now you need to move your media files (video/movies etc.) to the internal storage on NVIDIA Shield or you can download a few Kodi add-ons to stream content via Wi-Fi.

How to Transfer Media Files to NVIDIA Shield

ES File Explorer File Manager is a productivity app that helps you transfer all your files to NVIDIA Shield. This app also boasts a few features that allow you to manage files flawlessly; you can also move contents using Dropbox and Google Drive.

Step #1: Launch Kodi on TV and select the category of files you want to set up.

For example, you can use options like photos, videos, and music. Here, we will take music.

Step #2: Choose Files and then select Add Music.

A pop-up window will appear and you need to tap on Browse.

Step #3: Next, tap External storage.

Step #4: Now scroll down and select the folder and choose OK.

You can now add or remove music to the folder, which is nicely set up in Kodi as a source for music.

How to install Kodi add-ons on NVIDIA Shield Android TV

You can also reach out to your media files by placing them directly on your Shield Android TV.

Step #1: Open the System from the main menu and then choose Settings in the submenu.

Step #2: Launch Settings and click the icon labeled Add-ons.

Step #3: You can now see an icon that reads Install from the repository or Get add-ons; this depends on the Kodi version you are using. Click Install from the repository or Get Add-ons.

Step #4: Next, you need to Kodi Add-on repository.

Step #5: You can explore here multiple add-ons available; however, the major three are Music, Picture, and Video Add-ons.

Step #6: Once you got your choice of add-on, click to install.

After successful installation of add-on, you can access it from the main menu by choosing its category, and then choose ‘Add-ons’ from the sub-menu.

How to Customize Kodi on NVIDIA Shield Android TV

The default Kodi skin is Confluence, which provides comparatively clean and basic user interface; this interface is suitable for beginners, who are using this program for the first time. However, you can also browse other skin options to change or customize Kodi.

Step #1: From the main menu, choose System.

Step #2: Open Appearance and choose Skin.

Step #3: Click on Get More.

Step #4: Check the skin options presented there and choose your choice of skin to install.

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