Popular chat clients are creating a strong wall against any breach, and therefore, they allow users to enable two-step verification on apps like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook etc. WhatsApp, until now, has not joined the party, but now WhatsApp also lets you set up two-factor verification to secure your personal data, i.e. images, videos, documents et al.

Earlier we have already dealt with information on setting up two-step verification on Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. Since Twitter has witnessed astronomical rise in popularity, this social media channel has introduced a blue badge on the Twitter accounts exclusively for those, whose Twitter accounts are verified.

As WhatsApp has become a serious tool to exchange information and data, the developers have introduced this feature to protect the privacy of WhatsApp users. People will welcome this feature and start setting up two-step verification on WhatsApp. Let’s now go into details and learn how you can enable two-factor verification on your WhatsApp.

How to Set Up Two-factor Verification on WhatsApp

Step #1: Launch WhatsApp on your phone.

Step #2: Tap on menu button (three vertical dots) from the top right corner of your phone’s screen.


Step #3: Next, tap on Settings.

Step #4: Tap on Account.

Step #5: Now tap on Two-step verification.

Step #6: In set-up window, tap on Enable.

Step #7: Write your six-digit passcode and then tap on Next button. Confirm your passcode again.

Step #8: WhatsApp will ask you to give your recovery email id; provide a valid email id of yours. And then press Next button.

Step #9: A message will be flashed: Two-step verification is now enabled. Finally, tap on Done button.

Your WhatsApp account is now more protected and guarded. Alternatively, you can set password and lock WhatsApp on Android.

From now onwards, WhatsApp will send reminders at regular intervals to enter your password just to ensure that you remember the passcode for long time. And if in case you forget your password, you can get new passcode on your valid email id.

This year, WhatsApp has rolled out many important updates and changes every user would like to accept. For group chatting, users can tag people in WhatsApp group chat; people can forward WhatsApp messages to multiple groups; typing text messages in bold, italics, and strikethrough is an interesting feature for users.

WhatsApp Web is also a feature worth mentioning. This has surely made life easy for those who type long texts and constantly chat with friends. If your WhatsApp web is not working, we have listed a few possible solutions for the same.

WhatsApp will keep introducing new features and facilities in future. Stay tuned to Indabaa and keep sharing your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus. We appreciate your valuable comments; write your comments in the section below.



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