How to Setup Alexa Routines: Control Multiple Smart home Devices

How comfortable it is to control your multiple smart home devices at once! A single command to Alexa and it will carry out multiple tasks. This you can do by setting up Alexa routines. Creating Alexa Routines helps your Amazon Echo devices to perform many different tasks you want at a particular time. For example, when you wake up in the morning, you want to know the weather & traffic updates and news (you can always rely on Alexa Flash Briefing for this though). Another important thing in the morning is to turn on the space heater in your bedroom or living room. For all this, you have to give separate commands to Alexa. Instead of this, why don’t you give a single command get all these things done by Alexa? This is where you need to setup Alexa Routines to control multiple smart home devices at once.

To turn on Alexa routines on your Echo devices, you need to think of a single command (for example, “Good Morning Alexa”, “Alexa, I am up”, “Good Night Alexa”, “Alexa, it’s bedtime”). Alexa is your smart assistant and hence, it will quickly give you related updates; for fitness freaks, they can also create play music routines so that Alexa can play music from your workout playlists. The list of your everyday activities may also include calendar check, turning on and turning off lights and more. Without further ado, let’s delve into how you can activate your Routines on Alexa app.

How to Setup Alexa Routines: Control Multiple Smart home Devices Simultaneously

How to Create Alexa Routines on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo Spot Devices

Step #1: First off, launch Alexa app on your smartphone.

Step #2: Now tap on hamburger icon (menu button) from the upper left corner.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on Routines.

Step #4: To create a routine, tap on blue, plus button in a circle.

Step #5: You are now on New Routine screen; here, you need to tap on “When this happens”. This will trigger your routine.

Step #6: On “When this happens” screen, you can give Alexa a command to activate the routine or make Alexa set off at a particular time on specific days.

In case you select, “When you say something”, you can enter the phrase that you will speak to prompt routine.

Here, I would like to enter “I am up”. Henceforth, I can start my routine by speaking “Alexa, I am up”.

Step #7: Tap on “Save” from the bottom when you finish typing the command you wish to use.

Step #8: In case you have selected “At scheduled time”, you can choose a time of the day and specific days you wish the routine to run at a particular time.

Step #9: Next, tap on “Done” from the bottom.

Now is the time to add action. By adding action, you will ask Alexa to perform a particular task to be performed.

Alexa offers you four different categories of action: News, Smart Home, Traffic, and Weather. Each category explains its task by itself. We will deal with Smart Home here.

Step #10: You are now on Smart Home screen, where you can see two options: Control device and Turn on scene.

If you wish to turn your device on or off, you can choose “Control device”; in case there is a particular Hue lighting scene you want to enable, you can select it from the list after tapping on “Turn on scene”.

Step #11: After selecting the scene, tap on “Add” from the bottom.

Step #12: Now you need to tap on “Add action”; by this, you will be able to add next device you want to be controlled.

Step #13: Again you need to choose “Smart Home”.

Here, you need to tap on “Control device” so that you can turn on devices like a space heater in the morning.

Step #14: Scroll down and choose the device you want Alexa to turn on or off.

Step #15: Your Alexa will set the default action as turn on the device; however, you can tap on the circle to change it. And then, tap on “Next” from the bottom.

Step #16: Tap “Add” from the bottom to confirm your action.

Step #17: Next, tap on “Create” from the bottom of the screen to confirm the routine and get it activated.

That’s all!

From this time forth, whenever you speak, “Alexa, good morning”, the smart assistant will turn on lights and your space heater as well. For Alexa, your convenience is more important and therefore, this method is a better option than scheduling actions on separate devices by using their own individual apps.

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