You can make and use Apple TV as a Home hub, apart from consuming a dose of entertainment from the smart TV. Once you setup Apple TV as a Home hub, you can easily control and automate several HomeKit-enabled devices at your home. In the absence of HomePod, your Apple TV in association with Home app allows you to interact with smart home devices even when you are not at home. For this purpose, you need to set up a fourth-generation Apple TV and then you will be able to turn an Apple TV into a Home hub.

When you use your Apple TV as a Home hub, you actually save a few bucks you might have spent on HomePod. This smart speaker from Apple is costlier than some of its alternatives. If you are planning to buy HomePod just for music, you may find other such speakers more useful. And if you want to buy a HomePod to be used as a hub, your Apple TV is the best alternative.

How to Make Your Apple TV a Home Hub

How to Setup and Use Apple TV as a Home Hub

First of all, you need to make sure that you have setup two-factor authentication for Apple ID on iOS device or Mac and iCloud Keychain is turned ON.

Step #1: Launch Settings App on your Apple TV.

Step #2: Click on Account.

Note: Ensure that you are signed into iCloud with the Same Apple ID you use on your iOS device. Once you are logged into your iCloud account, your Apple Tv will automatically setup itself as a home hub.

Step #3: To check the status, Click on iCloud.

Step #4: Go down to HomeKit and check to see that your Home hub is connected.

Step #5: If not connected then you need to click on Connect.

That’s all friends!

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