How to Setup and Customize Google Assistant on Pixel and Pixel XL

When Google Assistant was first introduced along with Allo, it created tremendous hullaballoo among users. Since it was available in Google Pixel phones, other Android users were not able to enjoy Google Assistant. Thankfully, there is a workaround to enable Google Assistant on any Android smartphones.

As more and more users have turned to Google Pixel phones, they have begun to appreciate the usefulness of Google Assistant. Users are interested to customize Google Assistant on their Pixel phones.

First off, let’s get to know how to set up Google Assistant on your Pixel Phone.

How to Set up Google Assistant on Google Pixel Phone

Users can use Google Assistant by long pressing the Home button or say ‘OK Google’ after enabling voice activation (this will surely save you from using thumb strength). If you haven’t set up Google Assistant even after logging into your Google Account, you need to follow below given steps to start the procedure.

Step #1: Fire up Google Assistant by long pressing Home button on your Pixel phones.

Step #2: You will see a ‘Meet your personal Google Assistant’ screen; tap on Continue here.

Step #3: Next screen will ask to give some permission to the assistant; tap on YES I’M IN button.

It is done! Your Google Assistant is set up. Here, you can also configure voice activation (you may be asked to do this) by repeating ‘OK Google’ three times.

How to Change Account with Google Assistant

Your Google Assistant enables you to smoothly interact with Google apps like Photos, Gmail and other services from Google. You can assign orders to Google Assistant to fetch information like Google calendar events and your Chrome browsing habits from the respective apps. This calls for a selection of at least one Google account you have synced with your Pixel phones.

Sometimes, users set up wrong account while syncing Google services; at this, users can easily change account with the help of Google Assistant.

Step #1: Open Google Assistant by long pressing Home button on your Pixel phone.

Step #2: Tap the menu button (three vertical dots) from the upper right corner of Google Assistant screen.

Step #3: Next tap on Accounts.

Step #4: Finally, tap on account you want to use.

How to Customize ‘My Day’ Update

‘My Day’ updates are your everyday briefing on how you should start your day; this feature includes weather forecasts, calendar events, reminders, work commute details etc. You can customize your My Day details as per your need.

Step #1: Long press the Home button to fire up Google Assistant.

Step #2: Tap on three vertical dots (menu icon) seen at the top right corner.

Step #3: Tap on Settings.

Step #4: Tap on My Day.

Step #5: Tap on check boxes to control what is included in My Day summary.

You can also select if you wish to end your summary with narrated news reports.

How to Customize Google Assistant’s News Sources

Stay updated with the latest happenings in the world with Google Assistant’s narrated news services. This feature serves you radio news reports from trustworthy sources; you can listen to news reports after your daily updates or by saying ‘OK Google, listen to news’. You can customize news sources in the order you want to listen to news.

Step #1: Start off Google Assistant by long pressing Home button on your Google Pixel phone.

Step #2: Tap on three vertical dots.

Step #3: Next, tap on Settings.

Step #4: Now tap on News option.

Step #5: Tap on CUSTOMIZE button.

Step #6: You will see a list of news sources to scroll through.

Step #7: Tap on the check box next to news sources you wish to add.

Step #8: Tap on back arrow.

Step #9: Now is the time to arrange the news sources in the order you wish to listen; you can tap and drag each news source to set them in order.

How to Customize Google Assistant Nickname

Google Assistant interacts with you by your first name; however, you can train this assistant to call you by a sobriquet you like.

Step #1: Open Google Assistant on your Pixel phones.

Step #2: Tap on menu icon, i.e. three vertical dots.

Step #3: Tap on Settings.

Step #4: Scroll down to the bottom of your phone’s screen.

Step #5: Tap on Personal info.

Step #6: Tap on Nickname.

Step #7: Tap on Edit button seen next to your name.

Step #8: Enter a nickname of your choice.

Step #9: Finally, tap on OK.

Google Assistant may pronounce your nickname incorrectly; in this case, you can choose ‘Spell it out’ radio button available under Pronunciation. This will spell out your nickname phonetically.

How to Unblock Offensive Words

Google Assistant bowdlerizes offensive words by default. However, if you are okay with that rude language, you can turn off this option to unblock offensive words.

Step #1: Open Google Assistant.

Step #2: Tap on menu button located in the top right corner.

Step #3: Now tap on Settings.

Step #4: Scroll down and tap on Voice.

Step #5: Toggle OFF ‘Block offensive words’ option.

How to View Activity History

Apart from search history, Google Assistant also follows your location when you entered the query. Google keeps the data secure and private, therefore, nobody can access your activity history. If you wish to check your activity history on your Google Pixel phones, take help from Google Assistant settings.

Step #1: Fire up Google Assistant on your Pixel smartphone.

Step #2: Tap on menu button from the upper right corner of Google Assistant screen.

Step #3: Now tap on Settings.

Step #4: Go down to the bottom by swiping the phone screen.

Step #5: Tap on My Activity.

You will be landed on Google’s log. Here, you can check ‘details’ to see more information like what your location was during the activity.

Hope you have enjoyed this exhaustive information on how to set up and customize Google Assistant on Pixel phone. If anything is missing, share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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