How to Set up Face Unlock on Android Phone

Face is the index of your mind. In this digital age, face has become a key to unlock your Android phone. From philosophy to technology, human face has become an important asset. The world of high-tech gadgets uses your physical features to make your interactions with them easy and simple.

Until now, you have been using passcode, PIN, or pattern to unlock your Android phone, but now you can use your face to open the lock you have set up on your device. Passcodes, PINs, and patterns can be stolen; nobody can copy your face.

If you want to make your face a password to access your Android phone, follow the steps given below.

How to Enable Smart Lock and Trusted Face on Android

Step #1: To begin with, you need to create a secure unlocking system if you haven’t set up yet. By this unlocking system, I mean to say that you should set up a PIN, a passcode or a pattern on your Android phone.

Step #2: Launch Settings and tap on Security or Security & fingerprint option.

Launch Settings and tap on Security

Step #3: Now tap on Screen lock.

Step #4: You can select PIN, pattern or password to set up screen lock. Choose whichever is convenient to you and follow the instructions given on Android device.

Choose Pin and set up screen lock

Step #5: Go back to Security settings and tap on Smart Lock.

Step #6: Here, you need to enter your PIN, password or pattern when you are asked. Next, tap on Trusted face.

After Confirming Pin Tap on Trusted Face

Step #7: Your Android device gives you full information about this trusted face feature.

Go through this information to know the merits and demerits of unlocking your Android phone with your face.

Step #8: Tap on SET UP button at the bottom right, and then tap on NEXT.

Step #9: Now your Android phone asks you to keep your face inside the dotted area. And then the device will start identifying your face. You need to ensure that you don’t shake your face.

When Android phone begins to identify your face, the dots will turn green. Once all the dots become green, you can see a tick mark in the center of dotted circle. Finally, tap on NEXT button.

That’s it! Now your face is the new password you have set up to access your Android phone. But wait! Are you going to look same the next day? With your beard and hair grown, you may look differently before the device. You need to tell your device that it is you, the same person who set up face unlock the other day.

In this situation, go back to Settings → Security → Smart Lock → Trusted face and then tap on Improve face matching. Now you can change the room with different lighting and change your appearance in different ways. Now tap on NEXT button and follow the process of adding a face again. You can repeat the process a number of times.

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