How to Setup Google Home

Google, over the years, have garnered the rightful reputation of being a market disruptor meaning when they get into the market with a product or service, there are bound to be changes in the market trends. Consider the smart speaker category where the Amazon Echo has been completely dominating for the past couple of years. Now Google is entering this category in its own inimitable style with the Google Home, therefore trend changes in this segment are certain.

If you have already booked the Google Home, then you should have it in your hands very soon. However, if you are interested in this product, but haven’t yet booked it on the Google Play store then you can also get it through retailers. After you get it, you may feel a little lost as to how to set up Google home and utilize it properly. To help you out with this, we have compiled this article with all the relevant information so that on reading it you will become a pro at using the Google Home.

How to Set Up Google Home on Android Device

Step #1: Connect your Google Home device with a power source (you need to plug in the power cable into Google Home and insert the power adapter into a wall socket).

Step #2: Next, download and install Google Home app on your Android smartphone, which should support Google Home.

Step #3: Before you go ahead, you need to ensure that your Android device and Google Home are connected with the same Wi-Fi device.

Step #4: Now launch Google Home app on your Android smart device.

Step #5: You will see Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the app; tap on ACCEPT.

Step #6: After accepting Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you should tap on ‘Turn on location’; this will allow Google Home app to find and set up nearby devices. Don’t forget to tap Allow to let your device use location.

Step #7: Google Home app will start scanning neighbouring devices. Wait for sometime; if the app fails to search any device, you should ensure that your Google Home device is in close proximity and it is inserted into a power source or a wall outlet. Tap Try Again.

Step #8: If there is only one device to be set up, tap on Continue. If the app searches multiple devices, then you should search the right device and tap Set Up.

Step #9: Google Home may fail to establish connection; in this case, get nearer to the Google Home device and tap on Try Again. IF you are not able to read information from Google Home, tap on Try Again.

Step #10: Upon successful connection between Google Home app and Google Home device, you will hear a test sound and this will confirm that the app is connected with the right device. Tap on Play Test Sound.

Step #11: Once you hear the test sound, tap on I HEARD THE SOUND. If the sound is not heard, tap on TRY AGAIN.

Step #12: Now it is time to choose the Room (for example, Living Room) where your Google Home is located. This will surely help you identify the device when you wish to cast to it.

Step #13: Select the Wi-Fi network to which you wish to connect your Google Home. Tap on OK and this will bring the password for this network automatically on the device. Note that this auto fetch feature is available only on Android L and later. Tap on Continue. If you don’t like this auto-fetch feature, you can type in the password manually and then tap Continue.

Step #14: Google Home will make all efforts to connect to the current Wi-Fi network. If it fails to connect, tap on Try Again.

Step #15: Tap on CONTINUE after the Google Home is successfully connected with Wi-Fi network.

Step #16: To enjoy the services of Google Assistant, which can give answers to your questions and give you personalized experience, tap on SIGN IN and enter your Google Account information.

Step #17: You can either select or add your Google Account with which you wish to connect Google Home device. Tap on SIGN IN.

Please note that if you are setting up Google Enterprise Account, you must turn on Web & App activity.

Step #18: Tap on LEAVE SETUP if you don’t like to sign into your Google Account. But you should note that if you don’t connect your Google Account with Google Home device, your device cannot answer your questions or stream music. Tap on ‘I’m Sure’ if you don’t wish Google Home to connect with your Google Account.

Step #19: You can ask personal questions regarding your calendar, package, flights, etc. to Google Home. But if you tap on Allow, this will allow other people in your home to ask about your personal details to Google Home. Tap on Allow.

Step #20: Type in the address where Google Home is installed. Tap on Set Location and then allow Google Home to access the location of your device by tapping on CONTINUE.

Step: 21: You can receive updates on the latest features, apps, offers, and more for your device and Google Assistant. To do this, toggle Email Notifications ON. Leave the Email Notifications slider as it is if you don’t like to receive any notification. Tap on CONTINUE.

Step #22: Now, choose your default music service; tap on any radio button from the list and then tap on CONTINUE.

Step #23: If you wish to make Spotify as default music service, tap on Connect and log into Spotify account. Next, tap on Log In.

Step #24: You can operate your Cast devices with your voice, and for this, you must link them with Google Home. Locate the device you want to link and tap on device name. Tap on LINK. Note that you can rename the Cast devices to make them voice friendly.

Step #25: Here, you can learn how to interact with Google Home; tap on Continue and you will find an interactive tutorial on how to speak with the device, i.e. Google Home. If you don’t like to learn this lesson, tap on Skip.

Step #26: Once set up is finished, tap on CONTINUE.

That’s all! Now your Google Home is properly setup for you to use it. You can relish the various features of this gadget without any delay though it is a suggested to read through the following points for maximizing your joy from Google Home.

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