Finally, Apple HomePod is here and Setting up HomePod is as easy as ABC. After Apple’s announcement of HomePod nearly a year ago, the brand has kept its promise. Before you get your hands on this beautiful and intelligent speaker, you probably wonder how you would set it up. No worries! It is quite easy and fun; read this guide and you will be able to setup HomePod using iPhone or iPad.

When you bring your HomePod and your iOS devices, its proximity-based setup system gets activated; credit goes to W1 chip, which is also working for AirPods. Read the steps given below and set up your HomePod.

How to Setup HomePod Using iPhone and iPad

What will you Require?

How to Setup Apple Home Using iPhone and iPad

Step #1: If you Bluetooth is not turned on then turn it on your iOS device.

Step #2: Bring your iOS device nearby your Apple HomePod.

Step #3: Tap on Setup from the popup which appeared on your iOS device.

Step #4: Here you need to choose the HomeKit home your HomePod is being set up in (in case you have multiple HomeKit homes).

Step #5: Tap on Continue.

Step #6: Choose the room in which you want to keep your HomePod and then tap on continue.

Step #7: Now, Enable personal requests so that Siri can read your messages, reminders, and notes whenever your iOS device and HomePod is on the same Wi-Fi network.

If you don’t want to enable it right now then you can tap on Not now and go ahead.

Step #8: Next, if you have enabled personal requests then you will be asked that Do you want to use this device when sharing your location. If you agree, tap on Agree else you can tap on Don’t Enable to disable personal requests.

Step #9: Then, tap on Continue.

Step #10: Next Up, tap on Agree.

Step #11: At the end, tap on Transfer Settings to use an iCloud account, Wi-Fi, and other settings from your iPhone to set up HomePod.

Here, your current Apple Music subscription will be synced to HomePod automatically; and those who have not subscribed for Apple Music, will be offered three-month trial free.

That’s all friends!

From now on, your HomePod will help you manage your home automation devices; this Siri-enabled speaker will listen to your commands to control music and other smart gadgets.

Summing up…

It seems that Apple has thrown down the gauntlet to Amazon (Echo) and Google (Home) – the two brands that rule the roost in smart speakers category. But it will be an advantage for users, who would like to use multiple intelligent speakers at home, office and other places. What’s your opinion?

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