How to Set Up and Use Samsung Gear VR

You are super excited to use your new Gear VR that you have received along with your latest Samsung Galaxy S8. And you thought that the VR would be delivered in a ready-to-use condition. Nope, you have to set up your Samsung Gear VR before you can use it.

Your Gear VR will come in different pieces and you need to assemble your Gear VR. This information explains you everything – assembling Gear VR, installing Gear VR software on Galaxy S8, and setting up Gear VR software and pairing Gear VR controller. Now, let’s get down setting up Gear VR on your Galaxy S8.

How to Set Up and Use Samung Gear VR

How to Setup and Use Samsung Gear VR

A Gear VR is delivered in parts, which include a plastic visor, a strap, a strap with plastic hook, an elastic tag with SAMSUNG across the bottom. First, you need to assemble the head strap.

  • You need to attach a short strap to the small metal bar on plastic visor; for this, you can use the plastic hook on the strap.
  • Move that elastic tag onto the long strap to display Samsung logo right side up.
  • Put the two sides of long strap into the slots on sides of plastic visor to keep Velcro face outward.
  • Fasten the Velcro side of short strap to the middle of long strap.
  • Finally, put the Gear VR controller in elastic tag on your side strap.

Your head strap is assembled; when you put the headset on, you can adjust this head strap to enjoy a comfortable experience.

How to Install Gear VR Software on Galaxy S8

Your Galaxy S8 doesn’t have Gear VR software by default, and hence you have to download the software.

Step #1: Place your Galaxy S8 into the Gear VR.

Step #2: After some time, a voice will instruct you to remove the phone.

Step #3: Simply take your phone out of the Gear VR.

Step #4: Read the Agreement on screen and tap Agree, and then tap Next.

Step #5: Last, tap on Install to download the Gear VR software.

You can see the Oculus App in app launcher once the software is ready.

How to Set up Gear VR Software and Pair Gear VR Controller

After hardware is set up and software is installed, you are now ready to create an account.

Step #1: Launch Oculus app on your Galaxy S8.

Step #2: Sign in with your FB account.

Step #3: Now tap on Update Now to get the latest Gear VR software.

Step #4: Next, tap on Pair and, press & hold the Home button on Gear VR controller to connect.

Step #5: You need to calibrate Gear VR controller by using the on-screen video instructions.

Step #6: Set Gear VR Controller preference by tapping on Left Handed or Right Handed.

You are done! Your Gear VR is ready to use.

You can enjoy contents in the highest resolution setting on Oculus App. For this, you need to enable “WQHD+” on your Galaxy S8; it is a display mode that consumes more power while in use. While the Gear VR is not in use, you can use the default FHD+ on your phone. To come back to the default resolution, follow the steps given below:

Step #1: Bring down the notification shade and tap on Settings icon.

Step #2: Next, tap on Display.

Step #3: Now tap on Screen resolution.

Step #4: Finally, toggle the green dot from WQHD+ to FHD+.

It is done!

Now go ahead and enjoy the best contents on your Galaxy S8. You can keep your Gear VR in good shape by buying the best Gear VR accessories.

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