Google Home users need to link Voice Match when there are multiple users using a single Home device. Though Google Home devices are available at really affordable prices, there can be some household, where only one device can fulfill the need. Anyway, if there are two members who want to use a single Google Home device, they need to setup Voice Match on Google Home and Google Home Mini.

The process of adding and removing voice match on Google Home is pretty simple; you have to take a few easy steps on your Google Home app on smartphone or tablet. Once the voice match of multiple users is set up, each one can use the same Google Home by linking default music and video services. Moreover, users can listen to personalized information like commute times and daily brief. Note that Google Assistant allows six people to use voice match on a single Google Home device.

How to Setup Voice Match on Google Home

How to Setup Voice Match on Google Home and Google Home Mini

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How to Add Voice Match on Google Home

Make sure that you have installed updated version of Google Home app on your device and your Phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Google Home. If not update it first of all.

Step #1: Launch Google Home App on your smartphone.

Step #2: Tap on Menu icon which looks like three horizontal lines.

Step #3: Check the Google Account listed here is the one you want to connect to your Voice. If the account listed here is not the one you want to link it then you can switch accounts by tapping on triangle icon next to the Account name and select the one you want to link.

Step #4: Tap on Devices from the top right corner.

Step #5: Next, Search the device card or device you are setting up with Voice match.

Step #6: Now, tap on blue banner labeled with Multiuser is now available, Link your account, or Get personal results with Voice Match. (Jump to this post to turn off personal results)

Step #7: Tap on Continue.

Step #8: Tap on Yes I’M IN if you haven’t agreed before.

Step #9: Then, you need to give training to your Voice:

If you are setting up Voice match for the first time then you find to teach your Google Assistant to recognize your Voice by saying ok Google or Hey Google twice.

Step #10: Tap on Continue.

Note that this will turn on Personal results on your Google home device.

If you have setup Voice match before, then you don’t have to teach your voice Assistant to recognize your Voice. You can directly tap on Continue.

Step #11: Tap on INVITE and choose your communication method and send the invite if you want to invite others to setup Voice Match for tailored results.

Step #12: To skip this step, tap No thanks.

Note: Your Assistant uses your voice to access your personal information. But a similar voice might be able to access this info, too. Only turn on Personal Results if you’re comfortable sharing your personal information with others.

How to Remove Voice Match on Google Home

If you want to stop Google Assistant from announcing your personal information, then you have to delete voice match from Google Home. For this, you need to make sure that your Google Home device and your smartphone or tablet is connected to same Wifi network.

Step #1: Open Google Home App on your mobile phone or tablet.

Step #2: Now, tap on Menu and then tap on More settings.

Step #3: Next, tap on voice match, under Account.

Step #4: Tap on X next to the device.

Step #5: Tap on Unlink to unlink Google Account from Google Home.

Step #6: Finally, you will find a confirmation from Google Account and voice have been unlinked from that device.

Note: To unlink all your Google Accounts from Google Home, you need Factory data reset Google Home and then setup Google home again. As there is no other option for unlinking Google Account from Google home.

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