Apple has created an awesome ecosystem wherein you can share your purchases with other Apple users. Apple Music, for example, is the best example of inter-connected technology. You can create a family of six people and share music with members. Apple TV, however, has remained in isolation in terms of sharing apps and games with other users.

Even after the release of the latest tvOS, Apple has failed to supply this sharing feature. Experts cite that tvOS apps are completely different from apps meant for iOS and macOS; or probably, Apple has not seen great demand of this sharing feature.

However, ingenuity of some experts has carved a way out of this stumbling block.

How to Share Apple TV Apps and Games with Friends and Colleagues

How to Share Apple TV Apps and Games with Friends/Family

Log into your iTunes account on your friend’s Apple TV

This method certainly can test your skill to convince people, especially your adamant friends. If you succeed in convincing your friends, you can re-download any apps you have downloaded earlier on your iTunes account to your friend’s Apple TV.

There is one issue in this method; you need to leave your account logged into your friend’s Apple TV so that those apps can remain there in his Apple TV. You would love to venture into this only for your close friends.

Send an Apple TV app link to your friend

This method requires sound knowledge of Apple ecosystem to accomplish the project. In this, you need to send an Apple TV link to your friend from the App Store.

Note that users cannot access Apple TV App Store on the web; this prevents you from sharing any app that works only on Apple TV. You should read the app description that tells you if the app is compatible with Apple TV or not.

Step #1: Open the Apple App Store on your smartphone or desktop computer.

Step #2: Click on the magnifying glass icon, which is a search button.

Step #3: Enter the name of app you want to share with your friends or colleagues and then press Enter on your keyboard.

Step #4: Click or tap the app.

Step #5: Copy the URL you can see.

Now your job is easy; paste that URL in email, iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or any other messenger app and send it to your friends. Once your friends receive the link, they can download the app through that iTunes link on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The same app will be displayed automatically in Purchased section of Apple TV; and they can download the app again.

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