Privacy is given utmost importance by popular brands that manufacture digital devices. Apple, who is arguably the leader in this domain, has underlined privacy in its consumer policy. However, Apple has plans to improve its Siri service with your personal data.

In its latest release of iOS 10.3, Apple asks all iPhone and iPad users to share iPhone and iCloud analytics data. As a consumer, you have got an opportunity to air your grievances against Apple. You may rest assured that your private information and data will not be misused by Apple. Moreover, you can always stop sharing data with a single gesture of your finger.

So if you want to share iPhone and iCloud Analytics data with Apple, here is a complete guide to follow.

How to Share iPhone and iCloud Analytics Data with Apple in iOS 10.3

First off, you need to access your analytics on your iPhone.

Point to Ponder: In iOS 10.3 Diagnostics & Usage is now changed to Analytics.

Step #1: Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Now scroll down and tap Privacy option.

Step #3: Next, you need to scroll down again to tap on Analytics.

Step #4: Here, you should tap on Analytics Data.

Step #5: On the screen that follows you will see Analytics Data.

How to Share iPhone Analytics with Apple and App Developers

Step #1: Launch Settings → Privacy → Analytics.

Step #2: Next, turn on the switch ‘Share iPhone Analytics’.

Step #3: Now toggle the switch ‘Share With App Developers’ ON.

How to Share iCloud Analytics with Apple

Step #1: Fire up Settings app → Privacy → Analytics.

Step #2: Turn on Share iCloud Analytics switch.

How to Improve Activity by Sharing Analytics Data on iOS Device

Step #1: Launch Settings → Privacy → Analytics on your device.

Step #2: Next, toggle the Improve Activity switch ON.

By this action, you will be able to share activity and workout data/information with Apple, which in turn, will develop health and fitness features in a better way.

How to Improve Wheelchair Mode by Sharing Analytics on iPhone or iPad

Apple can give you better solutions in health and fitness by taking your wheelchair activity and workout data.

Step #1: Settings → Privacy → Analytics.

Step #2: Next, simply toggle the switch Improve Wheelchair Mode ON.

It is done!

Remember that you can always say no to Apple if you don’t want to share your iPhone and iCloud analytics in iOS 10.3. You simply need to toggle that Analytics option OFF. Those who want to share iPhone and iCloud analytics with Apple and app developers need not worry about privacy breach by the company. Apple gathers this data to improve its services, and consequently, you will get benefits.

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