Message screen sharing is an amazing feature on Mac released first with OS X Yosemite. By setting up screen sharing on MacBook Pro or Air, you can remotely help your friend in fixing a problem occurring on his/her iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Apart from this, there can be some other uses of Mac screen sharing feature. For example, when you turn on screen sharing on Mac, you can watch videos, movies, or other contents seen by other Mac users, who may be sitting a thousand miles away. If you are not keen to share your entertainment stuff, you can do some serious tasks like sharing your presentation or share your knowledge with other users by starting screen sharing on Mac. I find this pretty interesting and helpful, and therefore, I like to share with you: how you can share screen with another Mac user in macOS high Sierra.

Like sharing your own screen, you can also view the screen of other Mac users. It’s a two-way process and this is the beauty of this screen sharing feature on Mac. Messages app plays a pivotal role here as everything is done from that app. Note that you need to use QuickTime player when you want to help with issues on iPhones or iPads. Now, read this complete guide and get to know how you can access another Mac user screen remotely.

How to Share Mac Screen with Another Mac User

How to Share Screen with Another Mac User Running macOS High Sierra or earlier

How to Share Mac Screen with Another Mac User

Step #1: Launch Messages App on your Mac.

Step #2: Choose a contact name by clicking on the person’s name with whom you want to share a screen.

Step #3: Next, Click on Details.

Step #4: Now, Click on the Screen Share button which looks like two square buttons.

Step #5: Here you will find two options: Invite to Share My Screen and Ask to Share Screen.

Step #6: Click on Invite to Share My Screen if you want your friend to share your screen.

If you don’t want to invite your friend then, you can also ask him to share his screen; for this, you need to click on Ask to Share Screen.

Step #7: Once you send a request, your friend has to accept your screen sharing request.

To Accept request: You need to choose one option from Control my screen or Observe my screen. Choose any one option as per your need and click on Accept button.

That’s it!

How to Stop Screen Sharing on Mac if you are Sharing Your Screen

Step #1: If you are sharing your screen, then click on Screen Sharing icon from the menu.

Step #2: Click on End Screen Sharing.

How to Turn Off Screen Sharing on Mac if you are Viewing Someone Else’s Screen

Step #1: As you are watching your friend’s Mac screen, you need to click on screen sharing icon from the menu bar.

Step #2: Now, click on last option i.e Quit screen Sharing.

How to Control Your Friend’s Mac Screen

Step #1: To control other person’s Mac screen, you need to click on Control in screen sharing window. (This can be done only when you are viewing someone else’s screen).

Step #2: Now, just wait for your friend to accept your request. To do so, s/he has to click on Accept button.

How to See Your Friend’s Mac Screen

If you want to make any modifications to files or Photos, then you can leave controlling access.

Step #1: In case you only want to watch your friend’s Mac screen, click on Observe button from the screen sharing window.

Once you have rights to control your friend’s Mac screen, you can also remotely help him/her fix their iPhone and iPad by sharing your iOS screen with another iOS users. For this, you need to Mirror iPhone Screen to Mac. Note that you can only tell your friends to perform some actions on his/her iOS devices; you cannot actually do anything yourself like tapping an app icon or something like that on your friend’s device.

That’s all friends!

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