HomePod has affectionate compatibility with Apple Music, Podcasts, iTunes purchases and Match; but for other content streaming, users have to use AirPlay. This clearly indicates that any user can stream any content on your HomePod. However, you can block such intrusions from the Home app. Here is how to secure AirPlay on HomePod and stop anyone from accessing AirPlay on HomePod.

To prevent others from streaming content on HomePod, you have to lock AirPlay access and for that, you have to set permission for individuals or members in your family, who use your Wi-Fi network or share HomeKit. It is your HomePod and you must have the right who can access it via AirPlay.

How to Stop Anyone from Accessing AirPlay on HomePod

How to Stop Anyone from Accessing AirPlay on HomePod

Step #1: Open the Home app on your iOS device.

Step #2: Tap on Add home button from the top right.

Step #3: In Speaker Section, tap on Allow Speaker Access.

Step #4: Now Tap on :

Everyone: Allow access to everybody.

Anyone on the Same Network: Allow access to those who are connected to your local Wi-Fi network.

Only People Sharing This Home: Allow access to Shared home members in HomeKit.

Step #5: For More Security, tap on Require Password.

Step #6: To Change Password, tap on Password.

That’s it!

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