We have to accept that not all songs on Apple Music are safe for kids to listen to. There may be explicit or obscene words or content on some albums. Therefore, you have to prevent your HomePod from playing explicit content. Here is how to stop HomePod from playing explicit content.

Disabling obscene contents on your HomePod is essential when your kids are also a part of your party. The offensive or indecent content of music can have a negative impact on the tender minds. Here is how to stop your smart speaker from playing explicit contents.

How to Block HomePod from Playing Explicit Content

How to Block HomePod from Playing Explicit Content

Step #1: Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Tap on Rooms tab from the bottom.

Step #3: Long press on HomePod icon.

Step #4: Tap on Details button.

Step #5: At last, turn off Allow Explicit Content switch.

That’s all friends!

Henceforth, your HomePod will never play explicit content. In future, you can go back to the default option if you want to listen to explicit contents. Follow the same steps as mentioned above and toggle the switch next to Allow Explicit Content ON.

What do you say?

Until now, Amazon Echo and Google Now have been the undisputed leaders in the market of smart speakers. With HomePod, both the established brands began to feel inconvenienced. However, the Siri-based speaker needs to resolve some basic issues users face during the set-up process. Moreover, the price will always tip the scales in the favor of Echo and Home devices. Unlike its competitors, Apple’s HomePod may become a sleeper hit and users will realize its value in the long run.

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