How to Prevent iPhone X Side Button from Invoking Siri Accidentally

Often, I activate Siri on my iPhone X by pressing the side button involuntarily. Even as I have no intention to use Siri, I accidentally invoke the intelligent voice assistant. This frequency of opening Siri inadvertently increases when my iPhone X is in the hands of my kids. But there is a solution to stop iPhone X side button from invoking Siri accidently.

Since iPhone X doesn’t have a physical home button, side button is loaded with an extra responsibility of launching Siri. But at the same time, this side button has gained notoriety for enabling Siri accidentally. Thanks to Accessibility feature, you can now control Siri and use it only when required.

How to Prevent iPhone X Side Button from Invoking Siri Accidentally

How to Stop iPhone X Side Button from Activating Siri Unintentionally

Step #1: Open Settings App on your iPhone 10.

Step #2: Tap on General.

Step #3: Now, tap on Accessibility.

Step #4: Next, move down slightly and tap on Side button.

Step #5: Choose Off option under press and hold to speak.

That’s all friends!

From this time forth, Siri on your iPhone X will not be activated even as you press and hold the side button. This means, there won’t be any response from Siri when you press and hold the side button.

In case you want to disable this PRESS AND HOLD TO SPEAK feature, just follow the same steps and select Siri.

If you think that you can’t live without that celebrated home button, you can use AssistiveTouch on your iPhone X. What is your opinion?

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