How to Stop Skype Calls from Showing up in iOS 10 Phone App

iOS 10 has come with a lot of new features and APIs built into it. Most of them add new utility or improve existing functionality. However some APIs, though useful, may cause unintentional actions that may not be suitable for all users.

For instance, the API called CallKit is a part of iOS 10 and this enables VoIP calls including Skype calls to show up as regular voice calls with regular accept and decline buttons in place of the previous notification styles. Want to disable this? Here is how to stop Skype calls from showing up in iOS Phone app.

Now, some users wish to differentiate between their regular network-based voice calls and VoIP calls like Skype ones.

Fortunately, there is a way to hide Skype calls from appearing in iOS 10 Phone app thereby making it easier for you to recognize usual phone calls. This will also prevent the Skype calls from being displayed in the ‘Recents’ tab of the Phone app.


How To Turn Off Integrated Calling For Skype Calls In iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

Using the following simple steps you can disable Skype calls from appearing up in your iOS 10 phone app and also clean up your ‘Recents’ tab.

Step 1: First open the Skype app

Open the Skype app

Step 2: Now tap on ‘My info’ tab

Choose the My info Tab

Step 2: Tap on ‘Settings

Tap on Settings

Step 3: Finally, Toggle off Integrated Calling option and that’s it. Here on, Skype calls won’t show up in your Phone app any further like regular calls.

Toggle off Integrated Calling option

So, you have completed the major part and the next part involves deleting already existing Skype call entries from the ‘Recents’ tab of the Phone app.

There is no magical option for this as you have to do it manually. You can swipe left on each Skype call entry in the ‘Recents’ menu and then choose the ‘Delete’ option.

Once you have disabled CallKit integration, you will get your Skype calls appear on the lock screen as notifications and you will not be able to make Skype calls right away from your contacts app or list any further.


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