For the sake of alluring you to see their content, websites are keeping tabs on your interests. This allows them to present you with content you will like as well as help them to bombard you with ads. But what if you don’t like this behaviour? You can turn off websites from tracking you in Safari on iPhone and iPad.

There is no concrete answer to the problem and its moral repercussions. Some people have no issues with this as they are getting access to relevant ads. Whereas, other people are finding this to be disturbing as they feel it violates their privacy.

Now if you use Safari to browse the web on your iPhone then something can be done about the problem. With iOS 11, new privacy and security features have been added to the browser. One such feature inhibits websites tracking you and gathering your data.

So if you are not interested in using the feature, here is a step by step guide on how to disable websites tracking in Safari on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 11:

How to Stop Websites from Tracking You in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. On your iPhone, go to the Settings app.

Open Settings on iPhone or iPad running iOS 11

Step #2. Now inside Settings, search for Safari. Tap it.

Tap on Safari

Step #3. Here you should find “Ask Websites Not To Track Me” option. Turn on this option and you are done.

Turn on Ask Websites Not To Track Me

And well, that’s it. With this option turned on, websites will no longer be able to track you.

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In Conclusion

If you find that you like to keep the feature turned off, and allow websites to track your usage pattern then you can simply follow the above steps and turn the feature off. If you are a member of Apple eco-system and using Mac, you can also use the same feature over there, and stop websites from tracking you in Safari on Mac.

The entire procedure is pretty simple and gives you much control over your privacy while browsing. Do you want to stop websites from tracking you in Safari on iPhone or iPad? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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