How to Subscribe News in Google Allo on iPhone and Android Devices

Google Allo’s built-in assistant feature has been appreciated by all. And now it’s been used by many news-hungry people on their iPhone and Android phones. While gamers would always love to play game in Google Allo on iPhone and Android phone, news lovers like to stay up to date with local and international news. These users like to subscribe news in Google Allo on iPhone and Android phone. A daily dose of news items is their morning discourse, without which they don’t feel recharged.

It is taken for granted from our side that you have installed and set up Google Allo on your device, and therefore, we would like to discuss here how you can use Google Assistant to send you news items and subscribe news in Google Allo.

Note that Android and iOS users are supposed to follow same steps on their respective devices as there is no difference in the process.

How to Subscribe News in Google Allo on iPhone and Android Devices

How to Subscribe Daily News in Google Allo on iPhone and Android Mobiles

Step #1: Open Google Allo on your phone.

Open Google Allo

Step #2: Now tap open the Google Assistant; this will bring chat window of Google Assistant, and you can type in keywords. Since presidential elections are coming in November, let’s type in Donald Trump news in “Say something” field. You can also speak to Google Assistant by press and holding the microphone icon.

Step #3: Google Assistant gives you top headlines related to Donald Trump or whichever keyword/s or key phrases you have entered.

Step #4: You can swipe from right to left to browse stories; below these news items, you will see a few tabs. These are suggestions given by Google Assistant; among these suggestions, you will also find “Send me daily” option, just tap on it.

Step #5: Next, Google Assistant will ask you a question: What time would you like me to send it? Below this question, you will be offered several options to choose time.

Select time to get news

Step #6: Once you tap on any time tab, Google Allo will keep sending related news items through Google Assistant.

If you don’t want to receive news on the related query, you can tap on ‘Cancel the subscription’.

Now you can go ahead and subscribe for other news items. Just select the time you would like to receive news at, and read interesting stories and headlines every day.

Google by installing Google Assistant has revolutionized the chat experience for all users. Slowly and gradually, many users would turn to Google Allo; I don’t know whether users would bid farewell to WhatsApp and other chat clients, but the way Google Allo is getting reception, other messenger apps have to think seriously about better user experience.

Recently, Google also launched its Pixel phones, and in the two smartphones, Google has installed Google Assistant as default app. This clearly indicates the importance of Google Assistant in digital devices.

Do you think that Google Allo will receive more fan following than WhatsApp? What, do you think, should WhatsApp do to give superior user experience? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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